beka stays in rochester : the gate house

Just so we’re clear, all of these In Rochester posts are going to be about restaurants.

I mean…what else is there?

This month’s new place : The Gate House.

It was my first time there. It will not be my last.

What I Loved:

  • The Menu. It’s pizza and burgers with class. And lots of healthy options, too!
  • The Atmosphere. Relaxed but stylish. Perfect for a night out that feels more special than most but not so stuffy that you’re afraid to laugh out loud.
  • The Fact That The TV’s Are Tuned To The Food Network. (Say no more…this place is a winner.)

What I Loved Less:

  • I had the Manhattan Square salad – spinach, apples, avocado, bacon, and honey sherry vinaigrette. It was so good! I just wished there were more of the toppings since it was mostly spinach. BUT…it came with two cheese-filled breadsticks…so that made me forget about my longings for extra avocado.

What I Ordered:

  • Split an order of Sweet Potato Fries with Carolyn. They were thick-cut and crispy and even more flavorful when cooled to room temperature!
  • The Manhattan Square salad described above.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Any suggestions for next month’s outing?