wedding wednesday : 5.23.12

I was so excited to see this wedding posted on the SW blog last week. It’s my favorite from V4!!!

image credit : jonathan canlas photography

post credit : southern weddings

This looks like such a sweet wedding. Love the bright colors!

image credit : anne skidmore weddings

post credit : style me pretty

I think the yellow shoes make this whole day. So pretty.

image credit : akil bennett photography

post credit : style me pretty

You had me at bouquet. GORGEOUS!

image credit : louisa bailey weddings

post credit : style me pretty

This is an oldie from the favorites archive, but I just LOVE this wedding!!! Who can say no to a wedding with fried chicken and biscuits?!

image credit : ulmer studios

post credit : southern weddings

staying hungry [nc series] : southern food tour

Well y’all…I did it up right food-wise in the South.

Would you expect anything less?

The soul food train started rolling in the right direction with a classic staple:

Stop #1: Southern fried chicken with applesauce, fried okra, and two buttery biscuits from Mama Dips.

I think I can still feel that brick in my stomach…but oh my word…it was so worth it. I’ve been dreaming of that chicken ever since.

Next was straight to Stop #2, Locopops. Because what better to add to a stomach brick than a layer of ice cream?

This one was AMAZING. Mexican Chocolate, you have my heart.

But as for pure, unadulterated love? That goes to Jubala, Stop #3, and home of one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had in my coffee-lovin’ life.

But wait, there’s more! They serve food too! This granola yogurt was good, but I think I have to make a trip back just to try one of their pressed sandwiches (oh my word, the PB&J…).

Never one to leave well enough alone, I went back to Locopops because I couldn’t stop thinking about this Pineapple Basil concoction.

It was a good decision.

Which brings us to Stop #4. I think I could do an entire post on A Southern Season, a mecca for fans of all kinds of culinary wonders. Just to prolong the experience, I decided to have lunch at their attached restaurant, Weathervane.

The chicken salad…it was calling out to me. And I’m so glad I answered. It was over-the-top amazing! And sweet potato fries? One can never go wrong with sweet potato fries.

Unpictured Stop #5: Chick-fil-A. And lots of it!

(Regret: I wish I had tried one of their new cookies. But perhaps, along with the milkshake, that would have been a tad overzealous.)

I knew that after an exhilarating three days in the South I’d need some special fuel to drive North on the fourth. So at Stop #6 I ordered a black iced coffee with a shot of espresso from Caribou Coffee. As far as iced coffees go, it was standard. I appreciated the bold assistance offered up by the espresso. The ambiance probably enthralled me more than the coffee.

At Stop #6.5…I ordered up an iced triple tall caramel macchiato from Starbucks with my free birthday coupon! The fact that I drank one iced coffee, four shots of espresso, and over 2 liters of water and only stopped to use a restroom twice in a 12 hour drive is a testament to years of building up bladder endurance. Admissions travel and cross-country road trip – I’m looking at you.

Ok, people…let’s talk about Stop #7. This was clearly the way to go out with a bang: a chicken biscuit from Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen.

Don’t let it’s unassuming looks deceive you…this breakfast beauty packs a wallop like no other and leaves you wanting more! Oh…SO much more! It’s a good thing I stopped here last because otherwise I would have been tempted to have all of my meals between biscuits.

Alas. all good things must come to an end. Sometimes for your gastrointestinal system’s sake.

Which is why I woke up to this on Sunday morning:

Time to pay the seamstress piper.

staying real : i’m back!

People, oh people, please let me tell you just a few quick things:

1 – I’m home from North Carolina (!!!!!!!!) with a full heart and a full stomach. Any of you following me on Instagram know that this is truer than true.

2 – Also, I quality tested Chick-fil-A’s offerings just to make sure everything is still good.

3 – It is.

4 – I’d like to welcome the Yellow Outline of Death back to my dash. Check Engine Light…it’s not been nearly long enough. Air Conditioning…I didn’t use you too often, but I appreciated your contributions to my comfort while you lasted. Odd sounds coming from under the hood…feel free to pipe down anytime.

5a – Will someone hire me to break cars? Because really, I’m a pro.

5b – The Difference Between New York and North Carolina, Part I: I was standing at my car in the hotel parking lot, looking at the engine, hoping an answer would materialize before me, for all of 60 seconds before TWO kind people came over and offered to help. Thank you, sweet southern charm.

6 – It was 81 degrees in Rochester yesterday! That’s over 50 degrees above freezing! I think the south came home with me.

7 – This might be my favorite Instagram photo from the trip:

And I enjoyed every minute sitting outside of my hotel room on my laptop…soaking up every last bit of sunshine!

8 – The April recap is coming! A full Making Things Happen recap(s) is coming! 8,000 pictures of everything I ate/saw/did over the past 4 days are coming!

Until then, may all of your weekends be lovely and all of your chicken be southern fried.