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Still in love with Southern Weddings, still love this post!

Has there been any change in my life so seismic as the shift from wedding-hater to wedding-lover?

Other than my new fondness for oatmeal…nope, I don’t think there has been any alteration quite as drastic.

For reasons vast and wide, I used to cringe at the thought of weddings – whether attending, photographing, planning – the whole shebang. I could think of 8,000 things I’d rather do. Possibly 80,000.

Whether it was my heart changing substantially over the past few years or attending/being in/photographing/assisting on more weddings than I can count (literally…I only know it’s more than 50), something got to me.

I am officially that girl who wants to talk about the diversity and usefulness of burlap as it pertains to reception decor.

Stranger things have not happened.

The apex of this affection for wedded bliss? Southern Weddings Magazine.

OH, Southern Weddings Magazine!

I stumbled upon iloveswmag.com last year when I was entrenched in the search for a photography internship. I was looking for a list of photographers in the south (because every year around this time I decide I want to move to the south) and found that information and SO MUCH MORE on the Southern Weddings blog. Luckily this happened on a day with a free schedule. I literally sat at my computer for the next few hours and poured over pages and pages of blog archives, profiles of Southern Weddings employees, Lara Casey’s website, and the Making Things Happen website.

I would wholeheartedly recommend that you do the same.

Here’s a brief history of this amazing publication (from Lara Casey’s Sit a Spell With Me section):

“I always wanted a place to showcase what fired me up. This all started when we launched the Southern Weddings daily blog in 2007. It was a place for me to share what I loved in weddings, what was inspiring me and to show Southern brides that there was more to telling their unique love story than tulle and stuffed chicken. The blog caught on like wildfire, and people got so excited about a modern look at weddings in the South. The print magazine was born out of the incredible feedback from the blog. I am so grateful for the work we do because our job is to tell these authentic love stories. I love my “work.”  We’re not corporate or owned by some big publishing house.  We do the layout, write the editorial, organize the advertising – and everything else – ourselves.  We are self-published, which is a rarity nowadays.  We’re really, really small.  We never want to grow to the point where we can’t give personal attention to what matters most.  We are really grateful for that.”

It took me about 5 seconds to decide that I wanted to support this endeavor and needed to order both of the back issues that were currently available – those being Volume II and Volume III since sadly (and not surprisingly), Volume I had completely sold out (Volume III has since acquired the same status).

When it arrived at my doorstep I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There, tucked inside the front cover of the most beautiful magazine I had ever seen (seriously – no exaggeration – and you all know how deep and wide my magazine obsession runs) was a postcard. A thank you postcard. A HAND WRITTEN THANK YOU POSTCARD!!!


I was too overjoyed to take pictures that day…and too busy savoring each and every page…but I had the presence of mind to photograph a few of the contents of Volume IV when it arrived. Let’s chat about it, shall we?

This is what makes Southern Weddings Magazine my favorite magazine of all time (corresponding to the pictures above):

  1. The aforementioned hand-written postcard. Can you even believe it?
  2. The sheer beauty – and heft – of the perfectly packaged magazine
  3. The design quality of the layout. Each page is packed with unique details and eye-catching colors.
  4. The southern sayings randomly dispersed throughout the magazine (!!!!!!)
  5. The personal factor of having the editors comments displayed by different features; the fact that the magazine is so BEAUTIFUL, so professional, and yet so personal is by far my favorite aspect.
  6. The attention to detail. From the first page to the back cover, every inch of the magazine is soaked in Southern charm.
  7. The fact that this 250+ page magazine, filled to the brim with more breathtaking imagery, ideas, and love than I can describe in a blog post, is only $5.95. ($5.95!!!)

As for the Volume pictured above, these were my favorite selections:


beautiful biscuits

paper, cotton, flour

the mason jar

mini southern desserts

real weddings (but you’ll have to buy V4 to see them all!):

katie + max (color!)

ginny + todd (elegant and understated!)

annie + jimmy (beautifully country!)

paige + adam (rustic!)

And…as if all of this weren’t enough…you can also view free digital editions of Volumes I, II, and III online. That means you get to peruse the sold out Volumes! For FREE!

Clear your schedules.

Southern Weddings, thanks for being so wonderful. You’re not just a good thing, you are an amazingly wonderful thing that makes me over-the-top giddy. Keep up the phenomenal work!

wedding wednesdays : 6.27.12

This week, let’s get started with two gorgeous posts from the wonderful world of Southern Weddings:

I just can’t get over the flowers in this wedding. They are stunning! (And the glitter wrapped boutonniere?! Oh my word!!!)

photo credit : christina carroll

post credit : southern weddings

And don’t you just wish you had been at this next wedding? I love all of the bright colors and all of the warmth and all of the FUN! Great job capturing this beautiful day, Nancy Ray!

image credit : nancy ray photography

post credit : southern weddings

Why haven’t people been doing this forever?! What a great wedding idea: trail mix favors!

Trail mix in mason jars as a farm wedding favor

Trail mix in mason jars as a farm wedding favor

Trail mix in mason jars as a farm wedding favor

post credit : i love farm weddings

And to close: this beautiful video. Wow.

video credit : the cana family

wedding wednesday : 6.13.12

How much fun is this wedding?! Love the bright colors and sweet details and pure JOY!

image credit : IRIS photography

post credit : style me pretty

This groom requested that their wedding colors be blue and orange, the colors of his beloved Denver Broncos. While most brides would probably be appalled by such a request, this one took it and ran with it! (And FYI, if my fiance asked me that, I’d know for sure that we were made for each other. For real.) Also – this is a backyard wedding. Backyard! Can you believe it?! SO beautiful!

image credit : revert photo

post credit : style me pretty destination

Oh my GOODNESS! Unbelievably gorgeous, unique, and sweetly country. What a perfect day! Please go check out the whole post here!

image credit : dave lapham photography

post credit : southern weddings

wedding wednesdays : 6.6.12



I’m about to go into full-fledged gushing mode. We’re going for quality over quantity this week and let me tell you…there is some fabulous quality up ahead!

I was a little surprised to see a Rochester wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. I was a lot surprised when I began to scroll through the post and realized that I knew the bride!!! I was NOT AT ALL surprised that her wedding turned out as it did: a beautifully coordinated day full of vintage charm and meaningful details. Congratulations, Jenna!!! I’m so happy for you!

image credit : t & s hughes photography

post credit : style me pretty new york

The one starts out with a bang: just take a look at those invitations! And then that bouquet! And then the flowered arch! And seriously…I can’t even talk about the cake. (But if you want to spend the rest of your day in sugar-themed dreams, just check out the bakery’s website.)

San Juan Capistrano wedding

San Juan Capistrano wedding

illustrated wedding menuSweet and Saucy Shop wedding cake

image credit : KLK photography

post credit : 100 layer cake

This wedding…OH, this wedding! From start to finish it makes me jump up and down and squeal in delight. If I could put every single picture in this post I would, but since I can’t I have to implore you to go check it out for yourselves in full detail right now. It’s absolutely one of my favorite weddings EVER!

image credit : the reason

post credit : southern weddings

wedding wednesday : 5.23.12

I was so excited to see this wedding posted on the SW blog last week. It’s my favorite from V4!!!

image credit : jonathan canlas photography

post credit : southern weddings

This looks like such a sweet wedding. Love the bright colors!

image credit : anne skidmore weddings

post credit : style me pretty

I think the yellow shoes make this whole day. So pretty.

image credit : akil bennett photography

post credit : style me pretty

You had me at bouquet. GORGEOUS!

image credit : louisa bailey weddings

post credit : style me pretty

This is an oldie from the favorites archive, but I just LOVE this wedding!!! Who can say no to a wedding with fried chicken and biscuits?!

image credit : ulmer studios

post credit : southern weddings

wedding wednesday : 5.9.12

Let’s start this post off right. With this guy…

Stevie T Photography featured on I Love Farm Weddings - rustic Maryland farm wedding

Stevie T Photography featured on I Love Farm Weddings - rustic Maryland farm wedding

Stevie T Photography featured on I Love Farm Weddings - rustic Maryland farm wedding

Dear I love farm weddings, I love you. And farm weddings. Particularly this one.

image credit : stevie t photography

post credit : i love farm weddings

I just can’t stop thinking about the amazing color contrast in these bridesmaid dresses…perfect!

image credit : emilie inc.

post credit : style me pretty massachusetts

Holy COLOR! Oh my goodness…I think one of my many color-lovin’ blood vessels burst while scrolling through these pictures. What a fun styled shoot!

image credit : peacock photography

post credit : southern weddings

I knew from the first picture (which is also the first picture here) that I was going to love this wedding. The venue, the gown, the flowers, the CAKE…it’s all just filled to the brim with soft, romantic beauty.

image credit : vitalic photo

post credit : southern weddings

A short list today. But when it’s filled with so much quality, how can you ask for more quantity?! Gems of weddings, these.

weddings wednesdays : 4.25.12

I’m so glad this feature is back.

This week’s Wedding Wednesday is SO full of beauty I can hardly contain my enthusiasm! Let’s dive right in:

Oh my word…THIS WEDDING! I love every single thing about it! The bold, beautiful colors splattered in between bright whites, the whimsical details, the emphasis on fun and warmth that emanates from every photo. It’s a winner in every way!
Laura Ivanova Photography and Elizabeth Anne Weddings featured on I Love Farm Weddings - Northern MN Grandview Lodge wedding

Laura Ivanova Photography and Elizabeth Anne Weddings featured on I Love Farm Weddings - Northern MN Grandview Lodge wedding

Laura Ivanova Photography and Elizabeth Anne Weddings featured on I Love Farm Weddings - Northern MN Grandview Lodge wedding

image credit : laura ivanova photography

post credit : i love farm weddings

I’m a sucker for succulents. And they are all over the place in this wedding! I’m especially a fan of the row lining the ceremony chairs.

image credit : kate harrison photography

post credit : style me pretty

So many beautiful, handmade details in this sweet Texas wedding. Love the bride’s hair, too!

image credit : kelly hornberger photography

post credit : southern weddings

There are literally no words for how much I love this bouquet. I could have added all of the rest of the wedding photos too…but this arrangement is so stunning I just couldn’t do anything but showcase it alone!

image credit : ben q photography

post credit : style me pretty

How gorgeous is this dress??? And the paper flowers? Perfection!

image credit : michele beckwith photography

post credit : style me pretty

Well this wedding took place in Wisconsin, which means it was already a winner in my book.The tall trees, soft spring colors, and lakeside festivities just put it over the top.

image credit : yazy jo photography

post credit : style me pretty

wedding wednesdays : 4.18.12

There is SO MUCH goodness in this wedding…so many fun details and elegant touches!

craft paper menu

post credit : 100 Layer Cake

image credit : bayly & moore

From black and white to loads of color! Love all of the cheerful, rich colors in this fall wedding!

post credit : southern weddings

image credit : katelyn james photography

And speaking of rich, gorgeous colors…this wedding is beautiful! But what struck me most was the stationary. And come to find out the bride owns the company and designed all of the paper products! She did such an amazing job!

post credit : style me pretty

image credit : brown butter photography

Oh my WORD, this wedding! Definitely my favorite of the bunch this week, an unbelievably beautiful Colorado wedding.

post credit : style me pretty

image credit : jenna walker photographers

inspired : 3.18.12

(Whoops! I got caught up in Making Things Happen yesterday and never posted this week’s Inspired list. Just consider it an extension of the weekend, and who doesn’t need some of that on a Monday morning? Enjoy!)

the green straws, the “love is brewing” favors, the lampshades hanging from tree limbs…what’s not to love about this wedding?!

and speaking of southern weddings…i was OVERJOYED to find out i was linked to this week’s SW weekly round-up! thanks, ladies!

loved this article on matt flynn; congratulations to seattle on signing a great qb!

oh. my. word. ALL of whole living’s pinterest boards are amazing!

SO excited to see the peanut principle at the public market…the honey roasted peanut butter is amazing!!!

the bottom bins of my refrigerator are overflowing with grapefruit, blood oranges, honey tangerines, and mineola tangerines. you might say i’m on a citrus kick. thank you, florida!

this insightful article struck a chord with a few things i’ve been thinking lately. look for a longer post about this soon.

i can’t even put into words how happy this makes me. food + color + photography?! my brain is bursting.

love these rules for a happy marriage

cocoa buttermilk biscuits with brown sugar cinnamon butter. need i say more?

annie does it again : chocolate oatmeal moon pies! oh my goodness!

this recipe! this video! i couldn’t love it more!

pin of the week:

(this watermelon tabbouleh salad is calling. my. name. oh my word.)

Tabbouleh with Watermelon: Watermelon replaces the traditional tomato in this Middle Eastern salad, giving it bursts of sweetness. Goat cheese, another new add-in, provides creamy contrast, Wholeliving.com #healthylunches

pinned here via here

(ALSO : Public Service Announcement – I tried to love the spring colors/design I chose for the blog a few weeks ago, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So I switched things up again and I’m MUCH happier with the results! I love it!!! If you’re reading in a Reader, come on over to the main site and check it out! Again! :))