wedding wednesday : 5.23.12

I was so excited to see this wedding posted on the SW blog last week. It’s my favorite from V4!!!

image credit : jonathan canlas photography

post credit : southern weddings

This looks like such a sweet wedding. Love the bright colors!

image credit : anne skidmore weddings

post credit : style me pretty

I think the yellow shoes make this whole day. So pretty.

image credit : akil bennett photography

post credit : style me pretty

You had me at bouquet. GORGEOUS!

image credit : louisa bailey weddings

post credit : style me pretty

This is an oldie from the favorites archive, but I just LOVE this wedding!!! Who can say no to a wedding with fried chicken and biscuits?!

image credit : ulmer studios

post credit : southern weddings


wedding wednesdays : 5.16.12

Oh. My. Goodness. This wedding is a beauty! That citrus trellis arch is going to be making an appearance in my dreams.

image credit : troy grover

post credit : style me pretty

I want to be friends with this couple. They look like so much fun!!! The hitchhiking pic is classic.

Ben Sheriff Photography featured on I Love Farm Weddings blog - real barn wedding in California

Ben Sheriff Photography featured on I Love Farm Weddings blog - real barn wedding in California

Ben Sheriff Photography featured on I Love Farm Weddings blog - real barn wedding in California

Ben Sheriff Photography featured on I Love Farm Weddings blog - real barn wedding in California

image credit : ben sheriff photography

post credit : I love farm weddings

The dress, the flowers, the venue…all of it is just so elegant. Gorgeous!

Claire Pettibone Dress Veil Ivory Bouquet Ribbons

Claire Pettibone Dress Veil Spanish Moss Oaks

image credit : jose villa

post credit : once wed

Bold and beautiful with eye-catching details, what more can you ask for?!

love balloons

rose and gold centerpiece

gold napkins

red and pink floral bouquet

image credit : ryan ray

post credit : 100 layer cake

staying creative : mother’s day run

Well…I was planning on using this one as this week’s creative pic just because I love the colors so darn much…not to mention the subject matter (red velvet cake frozen yogurt!!!):

But then this morning…I took this one. And even though we both look like we’re high on something other than endorphins, it brings me so much joy every time I look at it that I can’t not use it as this week’s featured picture:

That right there is my mom…who couldn’t run two blocks just a few months ago…and ran four miles today. FOUR MILES! And we were only supposed to do three!

There are no words for how proud I am of her gumption, determination, and SUCCESS. She is one tough lady. We’re running a 5k together in June and somehow I doubt it will be our last…or our longest.

GO MOM GO! Happy Mother’s Day!

wedding wednesday : 5.9.12

Let’s start this post off right. With this guy…

Stevie T Photography featured on I Love Farm Weddings - rustic Maryland farm wedding

Stevie T Photography featured on I Love Farm Weddings - rustic Maryland farm wedding

Stevie T Photography featured on I Love Farm Weddings - rustic Maryland farm wedding

Dear I love farm weddings, I love you. And farm weddings. Particularly this one.

image credit : stevie t photography

post credit : i love farm weddings

I just can’t stop thinking about the amazing color contrast in these bridesmaid dresses…perfect!

image credit : emilie inc.

post credit : style me pretty massachusetts

Holy COLOR! Oh my goodness…I think one of my many color-lovin’ blood vessels burst while scrolling through these pictures. What a fun styled shoot!

image credit : peacock photography

post credit : southern weddings

I knew from the first picture (which is also the first picture here) that I was going to love this wedding. The venue, the gown, the flowers, the CAKE…it’s all just filled to the brim with soft, romantic beauty.

image credit : vitalic photo

post credit : southern weddings

A short list today. But when it’s filled with so much quality, how can you ask for more quantity?! Gems of weddings, these.

staying creative [nc series] : GARDENS!

[This post is basically for my dad, who loves nothing more than when I take pictures of flowers. Happy Belated Birthday, Dad! Hope you like these!]

I am a passionate person by nature. Like…really passionate. I rejoice over mango butter in my oatmeal and cry during every. single. episode. of Extreme Home Makeover. I let out audible squeals walking through my neighborhood, seeing all of the beautiful old houses and flourishing gardens. And don’t even talk to me about the Packers…

So, I think in an act of self-preservation, my brain slows down to half-power when in the presence of something over-the-top exciting. Otherwise, I’d blow a fuse from sheer enthusiasm. Does this happen to anyone else? I can literally feel a shift in emotion…it’s like a computer going into sleep mode. Example #1: When I discovered (full post to follow…but OH MY WORD) I literally had to walk away from my computer…I couldn’t even begin to explore the website!…I was so overwhelmed with excitement. And then I went from this: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to this: […]. Because my brain, it knows. The boiling point is near.

(The men in white coats should be here any second now.)

Example #2: My ENTIRE TRIP to North Carolina. I’m not even kidding.

It started when I put my hand out the window as I was crossing the border from Virginia to North Carolina and it did not return to me frostbitten. The air! It was warm! I was so excited!!!


And for the next 4 days…I would have continued to be out of my mind excited about life, and therefore, out of my mind, if I didn’t experience everything on half-power.

Which bring me to the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. There are few things I love more than the beauty of God’s creation. And then photographing said creation. And then walking around in tranquility with almost no one else around. And then not wearing 18 layers because it’s actually warm outside.

So I’m really glad I took these pictures because without them, the whole Gardens experience would have been somewhat of a blur. Here’s what I saw, apparently:

And ditto for the gardens along the Bolin Creek Trail…the roses! So stunning!

Clearly, I need to go back to North Carolina and experience all of this at full-power.

Or, you know, not be crazy and experience things the first time around.

But let’s be real here.

staying creative : oh, the flowers!

Trying to pick just ONE picture from all that I took last week in the flourishing wonderland that is North Carolina was basically like Sophie’s Choice. But in the end, I just really like this simple pink picture, sandals and all.

(Programming note : I’m going to be really Inspired when I finish my holy-crap-I-have-so-much-to-catch-up-on to-do list. Until then, that will be the only Inspired List I’m attending to. Amen.)

wedding wednesdays : 4.18.12

There is SO MUCH goodness in this wedding…so many fun details and elegant touches!

craft paper menu

post credit : 100 Layer Cake

image credit : bayly & moore

From black and white to loads of color! Love all of the cheerful, rich colors in this fall wedding!

post credit : southern weddings

image credit : katelyn james photography

And speaking of rich, gorgeous colors…this wedding is beautiful! But what struck me most was the stationary. And come to find out the bride owns the company and designed all of the paper products! She did such an amazing job!

post credit : style me pretty

image credit : brown butter photography

Oh my WORD, this wedding! Definitely my favorite of the bunch this week, an unbelievably beautiful Colorado wedding.

post credit : style me pretty

image credit : jenna walker photographers