inspired : 3.25.12

this birthday party is beautiful!

elizabeth ashleigh, you are a gem.

terrific wrap-up of tim tebow’s time in denver by woody paige

and speaking of our friend tim, love this video he did for nascar

oh. my. goodness. the packers signed JEFF SATURDAY!!! i can hardly believe it!

(tim, we wish you were headed our way too.)

and one more nfl related entry…this video is priceless

oh my WORD…can i move here immediately?

more lara casey wisdom : anything is possible

anything named “healthy breakfast cookie” is a win in my book

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i can’t get over how adorable this is!

teddy bear toast

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good things part I : why tebow to green bay makes sense

I have three good things to share today. Because it’s just a good day! 70 degree weather in March will do that. Stay tuned for parts II & III later today.

But first on the list: a 7am epiphany.

I was listening to Golic and Skip Bayless debate where Tim Tebow will land now that Peyton is headed to Denver – Jacksonville sounds like the popular option. But really, it seems like they’d just want him as a way to garner revenue, and I think Tebow deserves more than that – as a player and a person. So I started to wonder about other destinations. And while I was stirring cinnamon into my oatmeal, I thought…

OF COURSE Tim Tebow should go to Green Bay!

And then I threw a bunch of other things into the bowl and ran straight to my computer to email Mike and Mike before I left for work.

This is why I think Tebow to Green Bay makes a lot of sense:

1. Clearly, he wouldn’t be the starter. But he could be mentored by Aaron Rodgers – which worked out well for Matt Flynn.

2. Speaking of Flynnsanity – GB is now in need of a good backup QB (sorry, Graham).

3. GB could also use some options at running/half/full back.

4. Ted Thompson LOVES to bring in guys like Tebow – unconventional, ready to work, primed for development.

5. Mike McCarthy and Tom Clements are great at running a creative, unexpected offense.

6. Green Bay seems like a place where Tebow would want to play; it’s the type of down to earth, blue collar, historic organization where he could fit right in.

7. How much of a circus are you going to get in Green Bay? The lack of bright lights would probably be appreciated by everyone – Tebow, the Packers, the fans, the NFL at large, etc.

I think it’s a great fit. What do you guys think?

inspired : 1.29.12

60 must-read health blogs

foodimentary: this website is SO interesting! love all the food facts!

hello brit: great mix of creative topics

love these quotes becky posted from stepping heavenward

in a perfect world i’d eat these for breakfast: peanut butter fudge pretzel brownies

story of my life: tips for socially awkward party goers from promise tangeman and jasmine star

go harvard! this healthy eating plate is wonderful!

this is my team. i love them.

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beka stays : ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

(For all of you fancy RSS and email subscribers, this post will only make sense if you visit the actual blog site. I encourage you to relocate there promptly. Ready…go!)

Public Service Announcement #1: I gave the blog a new coat of paint this morning! It may seem contradictory to the cause of staying consistent…but read on! There’s a revelation tucked into this post!

So, backstory which is not actually exciting or informative but which I will tell you all about anyways: I never really loved my old theme. I didn’t love the lack of sidebars which caused all of the menus and links to get shoved to the bottom. I didn’t love that EVERYTHING WAS IN CAPS because I’m more of a lowercase personality. And I really, oh so really, didn’t love the font. It pained me. (It’s nothing personal, old theme. Just irreconcilable differences.)

I decided to stick with the theme though because hey, that’s what I’m trying to do in life right now. So why not stick with a blog design? Why not be consistent in one thing in an effort to be consistent in all things? Am I right?! Am I right?!?!?!


Because sticking with something you don’t like just to stick with it even though there are better options that you actually do like is just stupid.

[Aside: That may be the biggest lesson I’ve learned from this whole staying endeavor thus far. It has major implications for other areas of life that are much weightier than blog design. (Thank you, Lauren, for helping this epiphany come to fruition over granola bars and brussels sprouts!) But deciding that it’s ok to not stay after you’ve made the commitment to stay is challenging. It’s like being on a diet and switching to maintenance: it’s hard to convince yourself that it’s ok to have a brownie after you’ve been eating asparagus for 3 weeks. Does that make sense? I wasn’t intending on this tangent…but it’s TRUE! Oh, so true.]

SO…with that in mind, I decided to make the change!

And I’m so glad I did.


(I’m glad I’m really driving home the evidence that clearly, I’m a lowercase personality.)

Mini tour:

  • I had to keep the smore’s header. It’s like my thesis statement for life.
  • I also wanted to keep the light blue background. It just looked so wintery and clean and I just loved it…but now with added texture and layers I love it even more! Be on the lookout for the colors to change seasonally. (Also love having that option.)
  • No more top line clutter! It’s simply an about page, a staying page which contains all of the top ten goals pages, and a resources page.
  • If you’ll look to your right, you’ll see SO MANY WONDERFUL THINGS! (Again with the CAPS. Maybe I was wrong about THIS.)
  1. A mini welcome center. I want you to make yourself at home!
  2. A list of all of the staying goals with links to their definitions
  3. A search bar so you can quickly find old posts
  4. Links to other places you can find me on the interwebs
  5. A cloud of frequently discussed topics (frequency indicated by size…I love it that pinterest, food, and football are the biggest ones…)
  6. Twitter feed! Love having this on the sidebar now!
  7. Follow button for Pinterest…also love having this on the sidebar!
  8. Archives organized by month
  • Then, on the bottom, is everything you need to follow along! There’s an RSS feed link and a button for email subscriptions.
  • As for the actual posts…I could not be more enamored with the new layout. Love the font, love the little quote box that shows comment counts, love the “posted in” and “tagged” list in the footer…LOVE IT ALL!

So, moral of the story: don’t stay just for the sake of staying. Lesson learned, and learned in such a pretty way! Hope you all like the new design as much as I do!

Public Service Announcement #2: For some reason the Packers loss stings much more this morning than it did last night. Perhaps it’s because I’m listening to Mike and Mike and the only thing anyone can talk about is how HORRIBLE the Packers are. Um, that wasn’t your tune a few weeks ago, folks. I understand they stunk up the field last night, but all around, this is still an exceptional team. BACK OFF THE PACK.

(I think we can conclude that in the stages of grief I’ve moved right along from denial to anger.)

Public Service Announcement #3: APPARENTLY I’M A CAPS PERSON. Who knew. Things you learn by blogging: Lesson No. 948.

inspired : 1.15.12

Let’s just talk about this and get it out of the way:

Packers lose their only game of the season in Week 15. Packers lose a winnable divisional playoff game on January 15th.

The curse lives on.

Although this time, it wasn’t so much the curse as it was just a straight up awful performance. As Coach McCarthy said in his postgame interview, “We did not play very well today. I think I’m stating the obvious.”

But despite the gruesome loss tonight to the stupid Giants whom I hate, a 15-1 (note how there are only 15 wins…again: cursed) season for a team coming off an improbable Super Bowl victory is quite an accomplishment in it’s own right. I’m still so proud of this team and can’t wait to see what they can do next season.

Until then I’ll just continue crying into my cheesehead.

Moving on.

Due to the surplus (and then some) of Tim Tebow coverage this week, he gets his own Inspired section. Just because he’s so darn inspiring.

everything you see is true

what makes tebow different (by nathan whitaker, who cowrote his biography)

jason gay is one of my favorite sportswriters. loved his take on tebow this week.

giving up on giving up on tim

what’s more important than football (an answer, not a question)

and for something a little more lighthearted, here’s this

And then there’s the rest of us. Here are some other inspiring things!

the chance of a lifetime

i literally laughed out loud multiple times while reading this post…and wished my mom had an iPhone because oh, what fun we’d have…

a big bad (but good) book list

the last picture in this wedding post…OH MY WORD. gets me every time.

pin of the week

(which, by the way, was hard to come by since i barely pinned at all this week! apparently i was too busy frolicking in the snow and killing mice and changing diapers and stretching my defunct IT band and eating chocolate banana granola)

(please enjoy the variety of images in that sentence, btw.)

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good things : packers radio network

[Because I forgot to post this last week In honor of the Packers bye week, here’s a post about one of the BEST good things : football. Namely, the Packers. Enjoy!]

This football season, I went retro.

I listened to every untelevised Packers game on the radio via NFL Mobile (thanks, Verizon!). And let me tell you something: if possible, it inspired me to love the Packers more now than ever before. And it definitely increased my love of the game pretty much exponentially.

People…it’s AMAZING. Listening to the game on the radio opens up a whole new experience. You are literally hanging on the announcers’ every word. Luckily, Wayne and Larry, the announcers on the Packers Radio Network, are the best in the business. Their enthusiasm is unmatched. They tell it like it is without criticism or sugar-coating. They are professional and informative while still being likeable and down-to-earth. It’s like listening to a game with two witty, incredibly knowledgeable friends.

Listening to the game progress, visualizing the plays, and then hearing the reaction from the crowd and announcers after a touchdown or interception…oh my goodness, it’s almost too much. Head-to-toe chills and over-the-top rejoicing ensue (usually while I’m in my kitchen, baking, covered in flour) every single time.

The radio experience was at it’s best this weekend during the season finale against the Lions. Everyone billed this as a “meaningless” game because both the Packers and Lions are already in the playoffs and the Packers chose to rest a good handful of starters. Um, meaningless? Come on, now. All good Packer fans know that anytime you are playing the Lions at Lambeau….it matters. Oh, it matters. What I loved best was the undisguised disdain toward the Lions from (the usually reserved) Wayne and Larry. They wanted the Pack to win this one BAD because the Lions are…well, the Lions.

So imagine the mania that erupted when a) Matt Flynn put up a franchise-best QB performance with 6 TD’s and 480 yards (way to go, stud!), b) the game was won on an interception with 25 seconds left in the 4th quarter (“AND THERE…IS…YOUR…DAGGER!”), and c) the Packers advanced to 15-1, their best record in team history (there are no words for this). This will surprise no one, but listening to all of it made me a little emotional. There were tears.

I just love this team so much.

(Wayne and Larry, I love you guys too. You make me happy to be a Packer fan in a foreign land.)

beka stays authentic : on losses and leaders

I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet about the Packers this season. This is mostly because watching an undefeated season unfold is kind of like holding your breath for a really long time and after awhile you’re just waiting and watching and turning blue and wondering how much longer it can last.

We answered that question yesterday. Well played, KC.

Now, I am not of the persuasion that a loss can be a “good” loss. When you only play 16 games in a season every game counts. I also don’t think that, as some have suggested, the loss was beneficial because it alleviated perceived pressure on the Packers to go undefeated. True to their roots, I don’t think the Packers are the type to cater to that kind of pressure in the first place, so losing the potential for the perfection doesn’t matter as much as losing in general. Also, as a fan, it was nice living in a dreamworld for almost an entire calendar year. It was a fragile place to live, but a nice one nonetheless.

However, lessons can still be learned from losses. While listening to post-game commentary I learned to further appreciate the leadership that has brought the Packers into such a successful run. Here are some quotes from Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s press conference, and some reasons why I think he’s so good at his job.

He knows what the big-picture looks like: “Really, what is disappointing to me is that we didn’t clinch home-field advantage. That was always the goal. I personally always viewed the undefeated season as, really, just gravy. The goal was to get the home-field advantage and win the Super Bowl.”

He doesn’t use injuries as excuses: “I don’t think anytime you have struggles you look to individuals that are not on the field. You look at the game. I’ll go back, I’ll look at the way it was called. We didn’t catch the ball like we normally catch the ball.”

He calls it like it is: “We talked about it being a spirited football game, and we didn’t answer the bell. We were beaten today. The Kansas City Chiefs outplayed us. We were beaten.”

He stays focused and consistent: “We’ve got our 15th game coming up. We’re fighting for home-field advantage. I say the same thing as every day. We need to improve as a football team, and we need to play our next game better against the Chicago Bears.”

Thanks, Coach, for being such a good leader. We really like you. We think you’re swell.

For documentation:

It should be noted the perfect season came to an abrupt halt in Week 15 by a deficit of 5 points. Sorry Pack, apparently 5’s still hate me.

It should also be noted that I will be leading the charge to get Mark Tauscher back on the frozen tundra. We need offensive linemen like whoa. We miss you, Mark!