inspired : 4.1.12

i’d really like to read this : you’re already amazing

what a sweet surprise party thrown entirely by this 5th grader’s friends!

unbelievably gorgeous food photography by what katie ate

an ideal day of eating

loving this blog : beautifully rooted

i want to order this entire etsy store : printable scripture

the always inspiring ray lewis:

beautifully bright spring colors at this seafood boil party

you ARE going to do great things!

gorgeous wedding videography from blueberry fusion via southern weddings

ten things teenage girls should know

unbelievable engagement session from love the schultzes

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inspired : 3.18.12

(Whoops! I got caught up in Making Things Happen yesterday and never posted this week’s Inspired list. Just consider it an extension of the weekend, and who doesn’t need some of that on a Monday morning? Enjoy!)

the green straws, the “love is brewing” favors, the lampshades hanging from tree limbs…what’s not to love about this wedding?!

and speaking of southern weddings…i was OVERJOYED to find out i was linked to this week’s SW weekly round-up! thanks, ladies!

loved this article on matt flynn; congratulations to seattle on signing a great qb!

oh. my. word. ALL of whole living’s pinterest boards are amazing!

SO excited to see the peanut principle at the public market…the honey roasted peanut butter is amazing!!!

the bottom bins of my refrigerator are overflowing with grapefruit, blood oranges, honey tangerines, and mineola tangerines. you might say i’m on a citrus kick. thank you, florida!

this insightful article struck a chord with a few things i’ve been thinking lately. look for a longer post about this soon.

i can’t even put into words how happy this makes me. food + color + photography?! my brain is bursting.

love these rules for a happy marriage

cocoa buttermilk biscuits with brown sugar cinnamon butter. need i say more?

annie does it again : chocolate oatmeal moon pies! oh my goodness!

this recipe! this video! i couldn’t love it more!

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(this watermelon tabbouleh salad is calling. my. name. oh my word.)

Tabbouleh with Watermelon: Watermelon replaces the traditional tomato in this Middle Eastern salad, giving it bursts of sweetness. Goat cheese, another new add-in, provides creamy contrast, #healthylunches

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(ALSO : Public Service Announcement – I tried to love the spring colors/design I chose for the blog a few weeks ago, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So I switched things up again and I’m MUCH happier with the results! I love it!!! If you’re reading in a Reader, come on over to the main site and check it out! Again! :))

inspired : 3.11.12

this video makes me want to ride my bike more

these brownie roll-ups take me back to my swiss cake roll days

pickle juice is the secret to chick-fil-a?! who knew? can’t wait to try these!

two of my favorite things : greek yogurt and pancakes

oh my goodness…i need to write a book while living in a coastal hut so i can experience this costa rican cuisine

what a fun run!

at the first sign of discomfort…keep going

two great posts from lara casey : peace and gratitude

tim tebow, you are one good man.

these lightroom presets are beautiful!

seth godin on conflict and self-discipline

i can’t get over all of these beautiful and reasonably priced treats on one girl cookies

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Jamba Juice...

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(jamba juice…@morgandornsife and I are coming for you SOON!)

inspired 3.4.12

[ double list this week to make up for no list last week…enjoy! ]

oh my word…i wish it were named something else, but baby lips WORKS!

girls, there’s something magical about nail polish, isn’t there? just picked up this one. makes me so happy.

[ those are possibly the most girly things i’ve ever said back-to-back. i think my clothes are turning pink as we speak. ]

lara casey’s honesty, perseverance, and faith never fails to inspire me

love this tumblr : the little corner

whoever first created pancakes, thank you

bright and beautiful maine wedding

look at all of the green in this wedding! gorgeous photography, too.

excellent life advice from alt summit via shutterbean

gooey red velvet s’mores bars?! say no more!

incredible images (as always!) by ryan estes from uganda

tim tebow, just being tim tebow (also as always!)

this makes me want to go on a picnic, asap

good luck, hollie! i think you’re awesome!

best reception activity EVER…

such wonderful perspective from nat the fat rat

never quit! have dream tunnel vision!

need workout inspiration? look no further!

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a productive, creative life

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inspired : 2.18.12

this week’s list is a little photo-heavy…and therefore chock-full of beautiful images! enjoy!

the bride at dawn photo shoot

my southern valentine photo shoot

so this is love photo shoot

there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going

this butterfly baby shower is so beautiful!

i know two kids who would L-O-V-E this birthday party

hawaiian wedding? um, yes please.

in the immortal words of liz lemon, i want to go to there

glidden’s my colortopia is my new favorite toy

life essentials from joy the baker

sweet baby, amazing photos!

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do something you've never done

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inspired : 2.12.12

i love everything about this blog : petite kitchenesse

these road trip pictures make me miss these days!

we breathe magic when we’re immersed in the things we’re passionate about.

stephanie’s food photography is AMAZING.

a coconut recipe party

individual baked banana french toasts. yes.

crave photography…so beautiful!

i can’t stop thinking about these s’more bars

love this little acronym prayer

choffy…who knew?!


so many fun details in this tennessee wedding

oh my goodness…this clip of kristen bell on ellen is hysterical, and so endearing!

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inspired 2.5.12

steve martin on success (and banjos)

i want to make 800 of these journals

so inspired by coach wooden recently

i just love this couple! beautiful wedding!

are your excuses more important than your dreams?

i stumbled on this old post and remembered a few important things that i’d forgotten

loved this witty live blog covering the nfl honors

congratulations, 12!

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Valentine's Day Egg

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inspired : 1.29.12

60 must-read health blogs

foodimentary: this website is SO interesting! love all the food facts!

hello brit: great mix of creative topics

love these quotes becky posted from stepping heavenward

in a perfect world i’d eat these for breakfast: peanut butter fudge pretzel brownies

story of my life: tips for socially awkward party goers from promise tangeman and jasmine star

go harvard! this healthy eating plate is wonderful!

this is my team. i love them.

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inspired : 1.22.12

this herb mustard vinaigrette sounds easy and delicious

i just love all of the citrus in this post

which is probably why i love this post too

little red riding hood dessert scape = enchanting. love the cake!

this video is CRAZY. extreme yoga. um, i’ll just keep working on crow…

new blogs i love : i heart organizing // wild and precious

does it get any sweeter than this? surprise wedding day breakfast for a bride from the groom…oh my word.


i can’t wait to make this quinoa mac & cheese!

thermochromic tumbler that makes hearts appear when filled with a hot beverage. it’s the little things, people.

this kid is going to grow up to be a leader. keep up the great work, parents!

let’s be honest: the muffin top is the reason for the muffin

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inspired : 1.15.12

Let’s just talk about this and get it out of the way:

Packers lose their only game of the season in Week 15. Packers lose a winnable divisional playoff game on January 15th.

The curse lives on.

Although this time, it wasn’t so much the curse as it was just a straight up awful performance. As Coach McCarthy said in his postgame interview, “We did not play very well today. I think I’m stating the obvious.”

But despite the gruesome loss tonight to the stupid Giants whom I hate, a 15-1 (note how there are only 15 wins…again: cursed) season for a team coming off an improbable Super Bowl victory is quite an accomplishment in it’s own right. I’m still so proud of this team and can’t wait to see what they can do next season.

Until then I’ll just continue crying into my cheesehead.

Moving on.

Due to the surplus (and then some) of Tim Tebow coverage this week, he gets his own Inspired section. Just because he’s so darn inspiring.

everything you see is true

what makes tebow different (by nathan whitaker, who cowrote his biography)

jason gay is one of my favorite sportswriters. loved his take on tebow this week.

giving up on giving up on tim

what’s more important than football (an answer, not a question)

and for something a little more lighthearted, here’s this

And then there’s the rest of us. Here are some other inspiring things!

the chance of a lifetime

i literally laughed out loud multiple times while reading this post…and wished my mom had an iPhone because oh, what fun we’d have…

a big bad (but good) book list

the last picture in this wedding post…OH MY WORD. gets me every time.

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(which, by the way, was hard to come by since i barely pinned at all this week! apparently i was too busy frolicking in the snow and killing mice and changing diapers and stretching my defunct IT band and eating chocolate banana granola)

(please enjoy the variety of images in that sentence, btw.)

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