inspired : 11.29.11

the theme of this week’s list is better late than never! here we go!

first in line – there’s still time to donate to tim tebow’s dollar day in support of a new CURE hospital in the philippines! (and if you donate tomorrow instead of today, i’m pretty sure they’ll still accept your dollar.)

and speaking of…this article from dj gallo about the aforementioned quarterback makes me smile

this card cracks me up. totally doing this with my family someday.

overnight no heat curl. trying it this week…fingers crossed that it works and saves my recently regrettable locks. people, really. i’m starting to look like the swamp thing.

oh my goodness…so beautiful. and so beautiful.

making comparisons. it’s deadly. gets me every time.

wish i had seen this in time to actually play on thanksgiving…so funny.

can’t even tell you how much i love this initiative from kind, encouraging people to do random acts of kindness. great work, kind!

this commercial makes me cry

so did this episode of veggie tales. no, seriously. the ending is what every adult needs to hear!

beka stays thankful

Bleeding, sappy heart that I am, I often wax poetic about things I love and am abundantly blessed by. But if I had to boil it down to the basics, I’d say I’m most thankful for the following:


(family and (newly engaged!!!) friends)





(flurries and fitness (especially when they coincide, as they did this morning!))

I love this day! And this life!

Hope you all are having a lovely Thanksgiving too. Hug your friends! Tell your family you love them! And please, have an extra slice of pie. Especially if it’s Coconut Cream.

beka stays healthy : thanksgiving menu

Let’s talk turkey.

Or…more accurately…let’s talk turkey/sides/desserts/food coma.

This year, our humble Thanksgiving gathering (just me and the rents, like every year! love it!), will feature a mix of tried and true favorites and brand new additions. I know everyone says never try a new recipe on the big day, but what can I say, we’re risk takers. We’re CRAZY.

We keep things pretty simple since it’s just the three of us. Here’s this year’s menu:

Turkey prepared with PW’s Favorite Brine (new)

Cranberry Sauce with Ginger and Cloves from this month’s Everyday Food (new)

Apple Cider Gravy (a last minute, but excellent, new addition!)

Healthy Harvest Stuffing from Whole Living (voted best dish three years running!)

Roasted Vegetables (standard favorite)

Turnips (for my dad…my mom and I gladly pass on these)

Rolls (I know, I know, frozen rolls are sacrilege…but like I said, we’re unconventional)

Pumpkin Pie (as previously mentioned, I will not be partaking in this Thanksgiving ritual)

Coconut Creme Pie (again: unconventional…but my mom has a friend who makes AMAZING pies and this one is just to die for)

Apple Cranberry Crumble (new, and for those of you keeping score at home, that is three desserts for three people)

The best part is that so much of this menu can be done in advance. We’ve already made the brine, the pumpkin pie, prepped the roasted vegetables, and are now moving onto making the cranberry sauce and the crumble. That means tomorrow morning we can watch the parade, take things slow, and have our meal ready by the time the Packers game starts. Which may or may not be a time of thanks, depending on how things go.

Good thing there are three desserts!