staying in rochester : sticky lips

Get ready to throw things:

I’ve lived in Rochester for almost 8 years now (OH MY WORD?!) and until last weekend…I had never been to Sticky Lips BBQ.

It’s a true story. It’s a sad story.

But no more! The rents and I visited on Father’s Day. I’m sure it was the first of many visits.

Really sure.

First things first, the atmosphere is perfect. It’s just fun to be inside, packed with retro signs and magazines from floor to ceiling without being overwhelming. And then you get the menu…

where to begin?! It’s HUGE.

We began with fried pickles to see what all the fuss was over. No discredit to Sticky Lips, but we didn’t utter much fuss. Maybe we’re just not a fried pickles family.

But that’s just fine because it allowed extra room for the real star of the show. Original Pulled Pork with Cajun Corn and Sweet Potato Fries:

Um, yes.

The sandwich was awesome. I’m more of a sauce-in-my-meat rather than sauce-on-my-meat kind of girl, but that was easily remedied with the huge selection of bottled sauces available on the table right alongside the ketchup and mustard.

The sides…oh, the sides! Because there was just so much goodness to sample we all decided to get one different side so we could try a bunch. I got the Cajun corn – a solid decision. My mom’s baked beans were top notch. But my dad struck gold with the cheddar grits. These grits were the stuff that dreams are made of. These grits made me want to say y’all and move south just for the opportunity to further bond with all things grits.

I’d go back again just for the grits.

And the sweet potato (three tries to spell potato just now, in case you were wondering) fries? AMAZING! I think they were tossed in a cinnamon sugar mixture, and they liked it. I did too.

The dessert list was tempting, but ultimately we were too full to say yes. Another reason to go back.

If you’re in the Rochester area, don’t wait 8 years to visit Sticky Lips. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night murmuring about cheddar grits and missed opportunities and wondering how early is too early for sweet potato fries.


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