staying hungry : YouBars!

The amazing family I nanny for gave me the perfect present for my birthday…literally something that I’ve wanted to order for EVER…


As per their website, YouBars are “fresh, customized energy bars based on the belief that nobody else should decide what tastes good to us or what is good for our bodies.”

And this is what makes them so wonderfully different:

With You Bar®:

  • You choose the ingredients and the bar size.
  • You view the nutrition facts of your custom energy bar while you are creating it.
  • Your box of custom nutrition bars is hand made fresh-to-order and shipped to your door with a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love your custom protein bars, you’ll get a new box free of charge.
  • Your customized nutrition facts and your chosen protein bar name are printed on each individual protein bar package.
  • Friendly telephone customer support is available to answers questions and provide helpful recommendations.

YouBar has a bunch of popular bars to choose from, and they also make customizable trail mixes and protein shakes. But I think the beauty of the company is the build-a-bar service, which is what my gift certificate let me try!!!

People. This was a wonderful experience.

Ok, so, first of all, there are like a million ingredients to choose from. Give or take a few. But you get to choose a base, proteins, nuts, fruit, sweeteners, seasonings, grains, and super healthy infusions…basically everything you could ever ask for in an energy bar. What I loved most about the process was that they keep a running nutritional profile on the side so you always know what the nutritional content of your bar is based on the ingredients you’ve chosen. How helpful! I wish this were possible in my own kitchen when I’m making up recipes!

After an absurd amount of time and decision making…here’s what made the final cut in my YouBar

And here’s another thing I loved – after you order, you get a reordering code so that if you love your creation you can reorder the exact same concoction all over again!

And love my creation I did:

It may not be pretty, but it sure is good.


YouBar, you did not disappoint in the least. I will definitely be placing another order soon!!!


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