making things happen monday : the challenge

Dear friends,

You need to start here.

And then you need to do this.

No, really. You need to DO THIS!!!

“This” is The Challenge. Some of you old timers will remember when I did it last year. For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Challenge, it is basically a take-no-prisoners guide to freeing you from what holds you back and setting you up for success in life and business. I honestly can’t say enough about how effective of a resource this is. It was such a help to me during the summer of crazy last year when I was working more than I was sleeping/eating/living, but now having gone through it again in preparation for attending Making Things Happen I feel much more familiar with the course work and able to put it into practice.

SO…in the next few weeks on Making Things Happen Monday we’ll be talking about how I’ve been implementing the Challenge into my real life, specifically:

1. Why I put 30 pieces of scrapbook paper on my bedroom walls and why I’ve been rearranging every room in my apartment.

3. Why I don’t eat in front of screens anymore. (Of the electronic variety. I have no ill will attached to screen doors or windows.)

4. Why I have a new use for four mason jars.

5. Why I decided to only have two arms instead of three, the extra being the one that holds my cell phone.

And so much more!

Even though I did The Challenge last year and did it again before Making Things Happen I know that I could definitely benefit from doing it again. So I’m diving in for a third round to really soak it up!

And I’m looking for a few brave people to come with me.

People…I want this for you!!! I so desperately want you to experience how much of a difference adhering these principles to your life will make!

And because I really, really want this for you: I’m going to give you a present if you do it.

That’s also called a bribe.

But it still counts as a present because I really want to give it to you.

Here’s the deal: ANYONE who completes The Challenge over the course of the next 5 weeks will receive some good old-fashioned personalized encouragement/congratulations in the mail from me. And one person will win a Fabulous Prize Package. Just like The Price is Right! But your estimated value in cash and prizes will not be Showcase Showdown worthy. But feel free to jump up and down anyway!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment on a Making Things Happen Monday post from now until June 18th saying that you are participating in The Challenge.

2. You will receive an email in return to cheer you on!!!

3. Comment again on a Making Things Happen Monday post when you complete all ten steps of The Challenge, and include a note about what Action Steps you are taking to Make Things Happen/implement The Challenge into your daily life.

4. Everyone who completes The Challenge will receive a congratulations packet in the mail AND be entered to receive a Fabulous Prize Package!!! The prize and it’s winner will be announced on the following Monday after The Challenge is complete, June 25th.

Got it? If no – contact me with any questions. If yes – get moving!!!


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