staying hungry : kashi steamed sesame chicken

[This is another fake post coming to you pre-trip as I am currently south of the Mason Dixon Line and loving every minute, I’m sure. Enjoy this post for now, more details to come next week!]

The time has come.

The time when I’m going to feature a frozen dinner as a Dinner Challenge post.

I’m sure y’all have never been prouder.

I’m also sure I’ve never said y’all in an actual conversation before but I’m preparing to go south for a few days so I’m trying to assimilate early.

But really…if I’m going to feature a frozen dinner on behalf of time/travel constraints…this would be the one to feature.


This dinner is from Kashi’s new steamed entree line. I also tried the Chicken Farfalle, which was almost as good as the Sesame Chicken…but I REALLY LOVED the Sesame Chicken, so let’s not be too hard on the Chicken Farfelle. It was up against stiff competition.

Kashi Sesame Chicken


One Kashi Sesame Chicken Steam Meal

Bed of greens of your choice (arugula, spinach, chopped lettuce, etc)


Microwave the steam meal according to the package directions. Once cooked and slightly cooled, add to a bed of greens.

(Oh, yes. That “recipe” just happened. To anyone who felt less than confident about whatever recipe you are posting today, hopefully you can feel confirmed by this post that it’s actually better than you thought it was.)

Rating: 4/5. Although I prefer to make real food, this is about as good as microwaved meals get. Definitely worthwhile when you are in a pinch!


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