inspired : 4.22.12

this list is chock-full of real inspiration. namely:

Steven Curtis Chapman’s Red Bus Project

The Welcome Home Blog…also known as the reason I sat at my computer and cried for 20 minutes tonight

please vote for Humankind Water!

and in this week’s food section we have:

Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Pancake Baked Oatmeal

Coffee Coffee Cake Muffins. Yes, yes please.

So simple, so true :The Anatomy of a Really Good Grilled Cheese

And the miscellaneous entries:

this groomsmen portrait is hysterical

and speaking of hysterical…I think I’ve listened to this Utah Jazz announcer’s call 87 times and it literally never gets old (begins at the 2:30 minute mark)

I usually don’t like stenciling, but I really like this wall!

how does Scott Hoying not have a major record deal and 18 hit singles already?

pin of the week:

i understand this feeling. happy in the sunshine.

pinned here via here

(how much do you LOVE this puppy?! and how much do you understand the exact emotion he is feeling while basking in the sunshine?!)

(also, I hope you were all hoping for a post completely devoid of any semblance of punctuation consistency, because if so, your wish has come true!)


2 thoughts on “inspired : 4.22.12

    • Trish, I can’t even TELL you how much I love that groomsmen photo! It’s pure perfection. And I’m so glad you stopped by the blog to say hello and enjoyed the post! Thanks for your sweet comment, keep up your great work!!!

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