staying in rochester : yotality

There was a time when I was not in love with frozen yogurt.

That time seems so distant now.

It started with Pinkberry in San Diego. Then it was 16 Handles during visits home. And now…

…it’s Yotality.

With 18 flavors of frozen yogurt and about three times as many toppings, it’s safe to say that I’ll be visiting our new little self-serve frozen yogurt paradise frequently.

Actually, it’s beyond safe to say. You can go ahead and say it. Because I’ve already been three times since they opened.

Last Friday.

(And while you’re saying things, you can also offer condolences to both my bank account and my wardrobe. They may suffer some of the more unfortunate consequences of this budding relationship.)

Seriously, ice cream is one of my favorite things about life. But since my other favorite thing is not becoming morbidly obese, I can’t eat it as often as I’d like. Which is why frozen yogurt is my BFF. It’s hardly guilt-free – there’s plenty of sugar and preservatives and artificial dyes to make it a less-than-ideal choice – but it’s at least a better option, especially at Yotality since most of the frozen yogurt flavors are either nonfat or lowfat and have between 80-120 calories per 1/2 cup. And then you have the added bonus of all of the healthy stuff already in yogurt – calcium, protein, probiotics, etc. So it’s really a decent dessert choice!

Really. Which is why I should totally go back again right now. Right?

I’m glad you agree.


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