staying compassionate : boomer and tim


photo credit : orlando post sentinel

Three years ago, Tim Tebow did this for Boomer Hornbeck:

Could not believe my eyes when I looked down on the field before the game Saturday and saw Tim Tebow doing pre-game sprints while pushing a little boy in a wheelchair. The boy’s name was Boomer Hornbeck, a 7-year-old from Atlanta who suffers from cerebral palsy. An hour before kickoff, while Tebow warmed up, he pushed Hornbeck’s wheelchair as he ran.

Afterward, Tebow said it was the most memorable moment of the game for him.

“It was so cool to see the look on Boomer’s face,” Tebow said. “It was a special moment for him. He’ll remember it and that’s what’s meaningful.”

from the Orlando Journal Sentinel

Last weekend, Boomer Hornbeck did this for Tim Tebow:

Perhaps nothing touched the members of the audience more Friday night than when 10-year-old Atlanta native Boomer Hornbeck presented Tebow with over $10,000 of money he mostly raised by writing letters from his hospital bed asking people to help the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Hornbeck suffers from the rare brain disorder schizencephaly and cerebral palsy.

“Boomer is someone that I’ve known since September 2009. He’s a special kid and I have a special relationship with him,” said Tebow, who invited Hornbeck to ride alongside him for the entire 18 holes. “I was emotional and being able to hang out with him today was awesome.”

Hornbeck’s mother Brooke said, “Tim had no idea and was shocked when Boomer gave him the money he raised last night. He just started writing letters to see what would happen and all of sudden we started getting 30 or 40 letters a day. We had a total of $9,276 and a $1,000 check was handed to Boomer last night to put him over $10,000. Boomer considers Tim Tebow his best friend!”

from the PGA tour website

If you’d like to take a cue from Tim and Boomer and help give someone a brighter day, you can visit the Tim Tebow Foundation and learn more about ways you can get involved!


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