inspired : 4.16.12 [part I]

[This batch is especially large since last week’s inspired post was about Easter, so I’m splitting into two lists. My categorization technique should not surprise you.]

…the non-food edition…

beautiful spring dinner party inspiration

as soon as I get an iPhone, I’m doing this (FYI jaclyn, you’ll be the receiver of this joy. you’re welcome.)

OH, this love story! it makes my heart leap.

can’t wait to catch as much as I can of this year’s chick-fil-a leadercast!

gentleman’s rules (ladies, what rules would you include on ours?)

and on that note, this dear boys post (as a follow-up to the girls post) is excellent

heavy on my mind lately : closing the gap between ordinary and extraordinary

nancy ray, you do wonderful work. love this gorgeous couple’s engagement session!

do you guys know about house & hold?! I can’t believe I just found them!

love this reality check : the sweet life

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore typographic verses

oh my WORD, this farmhouse! these photos! I literally can’t stop looking at them.

so sweet : my better half

this postcard journal is such a great idea

stay tuned for the food edition later today!


3 thoughts on “inspired : 4.16.12 [part I]

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