staying real : wedding wednesdays

Life is weird.

As I mentioned in the Southern Weddings post, I used to be highly averse to all things wedding-related. Like, I’d-rather-do-ANYTHING-other-than-be-involved-any-wedding-in-any-capacity, averse.

And now…I just can’t get enough! Perhaps I absorbed it through osmosis over the course of the past few years as I’ve attended, been in, photographed, or assisted in over 50 weddings. But perhaps it’s because I just love love. I love how God uses and honors strong marriages. I love two families melding into one and friends gathering together from near and far. I love beauty and creativity and color and light. And hello, I love dessert.

Clearly, weddings and I are long lost friends. We’re meant to be.

SO, because I routinely have multiple weddings related thoughts and resources that I’m more than eager to share, a new feature is going to appear once a week: Wedding Wednesdays. It will be like Sunday’s Inspired posts – things that I just can’t help but feature because I love them so much – but instead of being varied they’ll only pertain to holy matrimony.

No need to wait for the initial installment…it’s coming….now!

(Also, if some of you are experiencing deja vu, I also did this on my photography blog last year. Here’s a list of those posts!)

wedded bliss : part 1

wedded bliss : part 2

wedded bliss : part 3

wedded bliss : part 4

wedded bliss : part 5

wedded bliss : part 6


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