good things part I : why tebow to green bay makes sense

I have three good things to share today. Because it’s just a good day! 70 degree weather in March will do that. Stay tuned for parts II & III later today.

But first on the list: a 7am epiphany.

I was listening to Golic and Skip Bayless debate where Tim Tebow will land now that Peyton is headed to Denver – Jacksonville sounds like the popular option. But really, it seems like they’d just want him as a way to garner revenue, and I think Tebow deserves more than that – as a player and a person. So I started to wonder about other destinations. And while I was stirring cinnamon into my oatmeal, I thought…

OF COURSE Tim Tebow should go to Green Bay!

And then I threw a bunch of other things into the bowl and ran straight to my computer to email Mike and Mike before I left for work.

This is why I think Tebow to Green Bay makes a lot of sense:

1. Clearly, he wouldn’t be the starter. But he could be mentored by Aaron Rodgers – which worked out well for Matt Flynn.

2. Speaking of Flynnsanity – GB is now in need of a good backup QB (sorry, Graham).

3. GB could also use some options at running/half/full back.

4. Ted Thompson LOVES to bring in guys like Tebow – unconventional, ready to work, primed for development.

5. Mike McCarthy and Tom Clements are great at running a creative, unexpected offense.

6. Green Bay seems like a place where Tebow would want to play; it’s the type of down to earth, blue collar, historic organization where he could fit right in.

7. How much of a circus are you going to get in Green Bay? The lack of bright lights would probably be appreciated by everyone – Tebow, the Packers, the fans, the NFL at large, etc.

I think it’s a great fit. What do you guys think?


3 thoughts on “good things part I : why tebow to green bay makes sense

    • That’s why I think it would work – he could compliment the system as a power back since GB is already set with an outstanding passer. If anything happened to Rodgers and Tebow was the long-term QB it may be a little rough since the receivers would be used to a much different style. But as a creative component I think he’d be great.

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