beka stays athletic : just do it

I posted this over at beka thrives, but I also wanted it to be an athletic post here…so I’m borrowing it! Enjoy!

beka thrives

What kept me going during a 6 mile run this afternoon when I started to feel less-than-spunky around mile 3:

1. Nike Women’s Make Yourself Playlist

2. Fanfarlo by Atlas

3. Dicky V broadcasting the Duke/Florida State game

4. This quote


pinned here via here

5. This blog!

I finished the 6 miles red-faced and victorious and moderately sweat-soaked.

Sometimes the point of working out is to gain physical strength. But sometimes it’s more (WAY more) about building mental strength. Running those last 3 miles when I didn’t want to today did so much more for my mind than for my legs; I really don’t think that there’s anything so potently educational for your willpower as finishing a tough workout when you think you can’t. It teaches you that you CAN.

(And that ability doesn’t stop when the treadmill does.)

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