inspired 3.4.12

[ double list this week to make up for no list last week…enjoy! ]

oh my word…i wish it were named something else, but baby lips WORKS!

girls, there’s something magical about nail polish, isn’t there? just picked up this one. makes me so happy.

[ those are possibly the most girly things i’ve ever said back-to-back. i think my clothes are turning pink as we speak. ]

lara casey’s honesty, perseverance, and faith never fails to inspire me

love this tumblr : the little corner

whoever first created pancakes, thank you

bright and beautiful maine wedding

look at all of the green in this wedding! gorgeous photography, too.

excellent life advice from alt summit via shutterbean

gooey red velvet s’mores bars?! say no more!

incredible images (as always!) by ryan estes from uganda

tim tebow, just being tim tebow (also as always!)

this makes me want to go on a picnic, asap

good luck, hollie! i think you’re awesome!

best reception activity EVER…

such wonderful perspective from nat the fat rat

never quit! have dream tunnel vision!

need workout inspiration? look no further!

pin of the week:
a productive, creative life

pinned here via here


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