beka stays : february recap


February was a bit of a hott mess.

Basically because I was a bit of a hott mess.

But there were good parts, too!

Read on for an assortment of experiences:


DEFINITION: to be in constant relationship with Christ; to live a life which bears evidence of that relationship

2012 GOAL: complete Project 345, keep a one verse/one gratitude daily journal, memorize Galatians 5

PROGRESS: Small tweak to this goal. I’m still loving Project 345 and chronicling life in verses and gratitudes, but I’m currently working on memorizing A Psalm for Life instead of Galatians 5 because it’s so many things that I need to remember on a daily basis.



DEFINITION: to love the friends and family who make my life so rich; to make people a priority

2012 GOAL: make one meaningful connection per week with a friend or family member

PROGRESS: I’m living up to this goal and then some! Who would have guessed that?! So it needs to change, I just don’t know how yet.



DEFINITION: to eat thoughtfully prepared (or purchased) food enthusiastically; to expand my culinary skills beyond brownies

2012 GOAL: make one new dinner recipe (from the millions of magazines or billions of blogs I subscribe to) per week

PROGRESS: This month’s dinners were a good deal less thrilling than last month’s. I think my favorite was last week’s quick chicken parm. (Thanks, Mom!)



DEFINITION: to make the most of the healthy body I’ve been given; to run a lot of miles, do a lot of yoga, lift something heavy every now and again, and make every effort to be active as opposed to inactive

2012 GOAL: run 1000 miles

PROGRESS: Oh boy. Did this goal ever crash and burn in February. A hearty dose of IT Band issues for the first half of February punctuated by a hearty dose of laziness for the second half of February resulted in less than 25 miles run in the ENTIRE month of February. Awful. I’m deciding whether I want to keep this goal and run my legs off for the rest of the year or change it to something less run-centric/more strength and conditioning oriented. It’s neck and neck at this point.



DEFINITION: to use the gifts I’ve been given to see the world in a unique way; to appreciate beauty everywhere

2012 GOAL: take one new (legit) picture per week

PROGRESS: Dear Photography, I’m so glad we’re friends again. I’ve missed you. And I’m so grateful to have captured this authentic moment, my favorite of the month.



DEFINITION: to love people, especially those who need love most

2012 GOAL: volunteer one day per month

PROGRESS: I had my first day of training for the Better Day Buddies program at Strong last Monday, and it was incredible. Definitely one of February’s highlights – expect an actual post on this coming soon!



DEFINITION: to use my brain

2012 GOAL: read one book per month

PROGRESS: Way behind on this one. I’m only about halfway though Wooden: a Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court. But honestly, this is a read that needs to be savored. SO much wisdom in such a small book!

[in rochester]

DEFINITION: to make the most of the city I live in by exploring new places and frequenting well-loved ones

2012 GOAL: visit one new place in Rochester per month

PROGRESS: Um, yeah. I don’t think this happened. Which means March will receive two new locations!


[out of rochester]

DEFINITION: to scratch the travel itch, expand my perspective, and regularly recharge by getting away

2012 GOAL: travel outside of the greater Rochester area and, if at all possible, the state of New York, once per season

PROGRESS: But this did happen!!! Thank you, Pennsylvania, for being so wonderful.



DEFINITION: to enjoy life, warts and all

2012 GOAL: not to get so caught up in goals and plans that I forget to enjoy laughable life moments, football and snow, coffee and chocolate, Gilmore Girls and magazines, candles and Pinterest, stumbles, falls, and a boatload of other things that make life so much fun

PROGRESS: I think this day was my most successful real moment this month. And we all know that I had my fair share of bonding with the Gilmores, as well.


favorite post: Without a doubt, the Valentine’s Day whoopie pie post.

favorite good thing: Carmelitas. Of course.

favorite pin:

do something you've never done

pinned here via here

favorite verse: “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6 (NIV)

BUT…despite some initial complacency, February did end on a redeeming note. I’m looking forward to maintaining these goals while also diving with gusto into a new goal!

Farewell, February. I’ll try to be even nicer to you next time around.

(And March, just so we’re clear, I’ve got my game face on.)

*Also – the blog got a little spring makeover, so if you’d like to see some bright new colors and you’re following by email or in a Reader, hop on over to the main site!

**Also also – how was YOUR February?! And what are your plans for March?


3 thoughts on “beka stays : february recap

  1. I love the spring colors! Looks beautiful, Beka! And kudos to you on staying so honest with yourself; I look up to you for your ability to do that. In other news, let’s go to the Eastman House next week and cross that off our Rochester bucket list.

  2. Thanks so much, Carolyn! And I agree: Eastman House here we come! And perhaps a market trip too? We’ll have to scheme on that one tomorrow morning. See you bright and early! :)

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