beka stays out of rochester : lancaster, pa

When I was a teenager I went to a church dinner with my parents. It was one of those church dinners with table games, one of them being the game where everyone at the table answers a list of questions and the rest of the table has to guess who each answer belongs to. One of the questions was, “If you could go on vacation to any place in the world, where would you go?” Most people listed exotic locations: Fiji, Madagascar, Switzerland. But I was 14. And I could only think of one place I wanted to go.

Southeastern Pennsylvania.

I was pretty much a dead giveaway.

Now, over a decade later, I might pick a few different vacation spots. Italy and Greece and Australia come to mind. But if I could pick anywhere in the world to live, literally anywhere, my answer would still be the same.

Southeastern Pennsylvania.

This is one reason why.

The other reason may or may not include the frozen empire devoted to Dairy.

But really, this is why:

1. I have lots and lots (and LOTS) of family there, family who I’d really love to know better.

2. People are warm, friendly, and funny.

3. Seasons are warm, friendly, and temperate.

4. It’s close to the epicenter: Philly, NYC, DC. (Hello, professional sports.) And Albany and Boston aren’t too far away, either!

5. There’s something peaceful about Southeastern PA. Maybe it’s the farm land. Maybe it’s the presence of Sheetz. Maybe it’s the Amish pies: both shoo-fly and whoopie. Whatever it is, it’s wonderful.

Last week my mom and I spent a few days near Lancaster visiting family. We ate. We laughed. We came home with Tastykakes.

It was well, it was well with my soul.

Dear Rochester, if for any reason you decide you no longer want me as a citizen, please ship me directly to Pennsylvania. I’m happy to stay here…but you know, a girl needs to keep her options open. Just FYI.


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