beka stays hungry : valentine’s whoopie pies

I think this post is going to be my valentine this year. I love it that much.

My love for whoopie pies knows no bounds. It’s almost as intense as my love for shoo fly pie. But just almost.

Also, why is Pennsylvania fond of naming non-pie desserts as pie? Whoopie pies? Basically hand-held cake. Shoo fly pie? Basically cake with frosting on the bottom. Dear PA, perhaps we need to have a cake vs. pie tutorial. I’ll be happy to provide examples. And help sample.

But that’s neither here nor there. The important thing is that Valentine’s baking + Saturday morning + a wonderful friend  =

A pretty perfect day.

These bright red beauties came from a recipe recently featured on Annie’s Eats. As always, she did not disappoint.

Also not disappointing: a free e-book! If you are feeling a bit unprepared for your big Valentine’s date tonight (as in: you have no idea what you’ll be doing 8 hours from now) check out my friend Carrie’s free e-book 101 Cheap Dates. It’s sure to give you the inspiration you need for planning tonight’s festivities (and 100 other exciting date nights, too)!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


10 thoughts on “beka stays hungry : valentine’s whoopie pies

  1. The pictures came out so well! I can’t wait to eat Amish-made whoopie pies with you when you get home! Also, don’t judge me but I’ve never had shoo-fly pie. I don’t even know what it is!

    • OH MY WORD. Ok, don’t judge me, but I almost always have a shoo fly pie in my freezer, sliced and ready to be defrosted for instant breakfast/dessert (because this is a legit breakfast, too – really, my mom grew up eating it for breakfast!), at all times. So you’ll have to come over and try it with a side of cookie butter! :) Basically, it’s a coffee cake with a thick layer of molasses on the bottom…in a pie crust. Here’s a better definition:

    • Oh my goodness, thank you so much, Annie! And thank you for continually posting such wonderful recipes! Your blog is always one of the first I go to when I weed through Google Reader at the end of every day :) Hope you have a great day!

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