beka stays real : snow lover, part II

There is no sight more beautiful than this.

I went outside to clean off my car. It was completely voluntary because all previously scheduled activities have been cancelled today due to unpredictable amounts of lake effect snow.


So out I went to start unearthing my car. Half because it’s the prudent thing to do (street parking + plowing = vehicle igloo) and half because I just wanted an excuse to be outside. But it only took 10 minutes. That’s chump change to a girl who has been waiting MONTHS for winter to finally arrive!

Since I wasn’t ready to head inside just yet I decided to go for a walk around the block. I put my earbuds in and turned on the Zac Brown Band Pandora station I’ve been listening to all the live long day and then some frequently and set out into the falling snow.

An hour later, I came home.

And let me tell you…it was the BEST hour of the year so far.

Because I just love this. I love being the freak who is giddy with joy, laughing out loud while nearly faceplanting on the sidewalk. I love running noses, numb toes, tingling fingers, bright red cheeks. I love old houses with lots of windows, columns and wrap around porches trimmed by a layer of fluff. I love the slow thaw after returning indoors that necessitates hot beverages and oversized sweatpants and thick, soft blankets. I love being snowed-in, given official permission to not leave the house (or aforementioned sweatpants) from sunrise to sunset. I love the pure, bright BEAUTY of a world covered in sparkling white.

I love snow.



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