beka stays athletic : and stupid, part II


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{ Apparently…this is true. }

Foam rolling may have saved my life…but it also faked me out. I fell into it’s cylindrical trickery. It fooled me into thinking I was miraculously healed from my IT Band woes – like, take up your mat (or roller) and walk, healed. So, taking my cues from the bible story, I started walking and leaping and praising God! (All of you former Sunday Schoolers can chime in with the repeat, “walking and leaping and pra-aising God!” You know you want to.)

I thought, “This is great!”

I thought, “I feel great!”

I thought, “Why not run 9 miles?!”

So I did!

Which is why I’m currently sitting on the couch, not running 9 miles.

I’m totally playing the blame game with my foam roller. Poor little guy. He’s just trying to help and I ambush him with accusations.

The reality is that I was just stupid…again. Once I felt back to normal I started running again slowly. For a day. And then I just went back to working out like normal because I felt so good! And a few days later I was watching a marathon of great Food Network shows! And when 3 miles turned into 6 miles and 6 miles turned into 9 miles and I wanted 9 miles to turn into 12 miles but stopped because something didn’t feel quite right…that was dumb. Moderation is not always my strong point. And I’ve never been “injured” before so patience is not my strong point, either.

So now I’m banished to the land of simple strength training and DVD’s and waiting, waiting, impatiently waiting.

Dear IT Band, remember the good old days when we were friends? Let’s go back to that arrangement. I promise to treat you better this time around.


4 thoughts on “beka stays athletic : and stupid, part II

    • Hi Jenny! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your question! It made me realize that I was lacking a contact form, so I’ve added one to the top menu. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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