good things : stories of hope

This morning, as every Saturday morning, I started catching up on a week’s worth of backlogged Google Reader items. While reading Big Mama’s Fashion Friday post, I clicked on her link to Paige’s blog. While reading Paige’s blog, I clicked on her link to her Story of Hope. After viewing her story, I clicked on the link to see more stories and found all of these.

(This beautiful trail is the reason why I love blogging. Because 89% of the time I’ll wander a linked path to Target to look at color-coded shoe organizers. But 11% of the time I’ll end up somewhere I didn’t know about before and have a grateful, refreshed perspective to show for it.)

What I learned from these stories:

1. God’s wisdom > my plan.

2. Life is short.

3. Hope is real.

It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to watch these videos. A miniscule price to pay for something that is guaranteed to set your weekend on the right track.

Have a wonderful Saturday. And have HOPE!


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