good things : milk & honey chocolate banana granola

I fought the granola, and the granola won.

No…for real.

I first experienced Milk & Honey’s Chocolate Banana granola at Whole Foods during one of our family field trips. They were giving out little samples covered in coconut milk. I took one, my mom declined. We started walking towards another aisle.

And then, I tasted the sample. And stopped in my tracks. And started singing praises for whoever created this wonder, while loudly proclaiming to anyone within earshot that this was, in fact, the best granola I’ve ever had (!!!!!!).

I loved it so much my mom offered to scam the system and go get a sample for herself…for me.

I willingly participated in this deception. It was totally worth it.

In what I now realize was very poor judgement, I decided that one buying one bag would be enough. I mean, it’s granola. I can ration and have self-control.

I could not ration.

I did not have self-control.

I finished it in a week.

I ordered two more bags online because no one sells it out here.

I’m already 1/4 way through the second bag.

People…this is BAD. But it’s so good!!! I’ve never had such an intense chocolate cereal. Matched with ice cold vanilla coconut almond milk…it’s unbelievable. I can’t stop eating it.

Milk & Honey also makes an original, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, papaya cashew, and blueberry pecan variety. Although I don’t think I’ll ever try any of those because it would decrease the amount of chocolate banana in my cart and let’s be honest: that’s just not happening.

Someone save me. (But actually…don’t.)


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