good things : leadership

I’m so impressed by how Ray Lewis handled his postgame comments last night after the Ravens’ loss to the Patriots. If you have time, listen to the whole interview. If you don’t, some highlights are below:

“God has never made a mistake. Ever. Somebody is going to feel like this tomorrow, and somebody is going to feel like this in two weeks in the Super Bowl. And whomever wins it, that’s their year. That’s a fact, and there ain’t nothing nobody else can do about it. That’s the irony of sports. There is a winner, there’s a loser, and when you lose, you’ve got to suck it up like a man and say ‘You know what Father? If it’s your will, so be it. As a man you got to keep moving, and a team keep building, remembering this taste.”

“Life offers too much. Every time you step on this field, it’s a true blessing. We didn’t do it, and that’s it. No what about this, what about that. Not one play won or lost this game.”

“For us to be here now, I’m hungry again and I’m thirsty again. Every time you go through something like this, it has to drive you. I truly believe that’s the only thing that makes people great. It’s not the ones who always winning that people remember. It’s the ones who go through tough times.”

I can’t imagine having that much perspective, composure, and grace after losing a close game that cost your team a trip to the Super Bowl. It’s the kind of thing that makes leaders like Ray Lewis rare and valuable. I’m glad he’s coming back for another year!

(Also…this means there is only one game left this season…and then it’s a football drought until August. It’s painful. Can’t you guys just play year round? It’s be so nice…for us, maybe not for you.)


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