good things : quinn popcorn

In honor of National Popcorn Day (for real), I give you this:

There was a time when popcorn was one of my favorite food groups. I ate it all the time. I remember the old school days of bright orange Cheddar microwave popcorn. Then Movie Theater Butter. Then Kettle Corn. Then the 100 Calorie Packs. Then Homestyle. During college I discovered that tossing popcorn in garlic oil (aka: microwaving a clove of garlic in oil) and parmesan cheese was the greatest popcorn delight I’d ever encountered.

And now…this may be the greatest popcorn delight I’ve ever encountered.

Quinn Popcorn is a burgeoning small business dedicated truly good popcorn. From their website,

Our pop­corn ker­nels are organic and non-gmo.  On top of that, we are ditch­ing the plas­tic and Teflon patched bags, hydro­genated oils, arti­fi­cial flavorings, and replac­ing them with recy­cled and com­postable paper, expeller pressed oils, and simple, mouth-watering ingredients.

Serendipitously, I read about Quinn Popcorn in Food & Wine while on one of our frequent family Yankee Candle/Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods road trips. I made a note to look it up online when we got home. But no need! I ended up seeing it proudly on display along the shelves of Whole Foods and brought home two boxes: the Parmesan & Rosemary and the Vermont Maple Syrup & Sea Salt (there’s also a Lemon & Sea Salt variety that sounds just amazing).

I’ve only tried the Parmesan so far (I’m rationing…) but oh my word, SO GOOD! I absolutely loved it! It reminded me of my ghetto gourmet college popcorn, only better. Much better.

I can’t wait to try the Vermont Maple Syrup & Sea Salt. Hopefully we’ll see this stuff migrating westward sometime soon!


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