beka stays hungry : triple chocolate brownies

If one of your resolutions was to eat more brownies, you’re in luck. If one of your resolutions was to eat more healthy foods, like black beans, you’re also in luck.

What a great way to start a Wednesday!

I made these Triple Chocolate Brownies with black beans from the January/February issue of Everyday Food last week and oh my goodness…I’ll never look at black beans the same way again. These brownies turned out so well! I’d recommend baking them for a little less time than recommended, cutting them into 16 squares as opposed to 12, eating them while still warm, and (if you have any left after 5 minutes) freezing the rest to maintain optimal freshness. Then you can reheat them with a little jam, a few chocolate chips, and a dollop of whipped cream for an extra chocolatey dessert.

I’m about 100% sure the toppings negate the health factor of the black beans. But let’s refrain from discussing that and just focus on the facts: homemade brownies are the best.

Joy the Baker also made these and has the recipe so nicely demonstrated here. I think you should go take a look and give these a try!

(And don’t hate on the black beans. They’ll repay you for giving them a chance!)


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