beka stays hungry : salsa chicken

Riddle me this:

Why did it take me so long to start making real food for dinner?!

Cereal, frozen dinners, takeout leftovers…it’s time we went our separate ways. It’s nothing personal. We’ll still meet up every now and then. But the truth is…there’s a new meal in town. His name is Salsa Chicken.


Enough said.

This recipe (from Wegmans Menu Magazine, Winter 21012) really took me by surprise. I wasn’t sure how much I’d love a dinner covered in salsa. I mean, I regularly cover tortilla chips in salsa and while I occasionally consider that dinner it’s actually not. So I had my doubts.

Half a bite in…I was a doubter no more. I immediately started planning when I could make this again, which is basically the mark of a true winner.

I only made two minor substitutions. The recipe calls for chorizo but since I already had Wegmans Sundried Tomato Chicken Sausage in the freezer from last week’s dinner I used that instead. Also, the picture in the magazine shows corn as a side…and it looked really good…so I just decided to add 1/4 cup of corn in at the end (when the chicken and olives are added; see below).

Like always, I cut the recipe in half. Otherwise I’d be looking into alternative freezer (and waist) space by now. One last thing – the recipe calls for a braising pan, which I’m sure is helpful, but I made mine in a deep casserole dish because that’s what I had on hand and it turned out great!

Here’s the recipe, from Wegmans website:

Salsa Chicken, Chorizo, and Whole Grain 5 Blend

Wegmans Menu Magazine, Winter 2012


2 Tbsp Wegmans Basting Oil
1 link Wegmans All Natural & Fully Cooked Chorizo Pork Sausage (Meat Dept), sliced on the bias in 1/4-inch pieces
1 pkg (8 oz) Food You Feel Good About Cleaned & Cut Chopped Onions
1 pkg (8 oz) Food You Feel Good About Whole Grain 5 Rice Blend
1 jar (16 oz) Food You Feel Good About Roasted Tomato Salsa
1 1/4 cups water
3/4 lb Grilled Lemon Garlic Chicken Breast (Cooked) (Prepared Foods), diced (about 3 cups)
1/3 cup Goya Alcaparrado (Manzanilla Olives, Pimientos & Capers), chopped

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

  1. Add basting oil to braising pan on MEDIUM-HIGH. Add sausage; sear 2-3 min until browned. Remove from pan; set aside.
  2. Add onion to pan; cook, stirring, 3-4 min, until onion begins to soften. Add grain blend; cook, stirring, 4-5 min, to toast grains. Carefully, to avoid spattering, add salsa and water. Return sausage to pan. Stir. Bring to a simmer on HIGH; cover.
  3. Transfer to oven. Cook 25 min.
  4. Remove from oven. Sprinkle chicken and olives over top. Return to oven; bake 10 min.
  5. Remove from oven, let rest 10 min. Before serving, fold chicken and olives into grains.

(Side note: I topped mine with a small dollop of Greek yogurt, because that’s how I roll. It was delicious!)

These recipes just keep getting better and better…I think this was my favorite one yet!

The Rating:

Difficulty: Non-existent

Preparation Time: QUICK

Dumpster Dinner, Not Bad, Good, Really Good, or Unbelievably Amazing: Unbelievably Amazing

Overall Rating: 5/5 – This is something I’m already planning on making for my husband and children who do not currently exist. That’s how good this is: I’m feeding it to imaginary people.

5 thoughts on “beka stays hungry : salsa chicken

  1. This looks delicious!!!! I can’t wait to give this recipe a go… I have slowly been adjusting to the life of cooking meals for myself… I can totally relate to the cereal dinners.

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