inspired : 1.8.12

It’s FINALLY back! Inspired Posts, I’ve missed you. Here’s a month’s worth of backlogged inspiration:

this online magazine is one of my new favorite things : foodie crush

speaking of favorite things, @OprahReadsNews makes me laugh so hard i cry

this also made me laugh so hard i cried

these cookies are 800 calories. and look like they’re worth every. single. one.

declutter your life one day at a time

hysterical map to the super bowl

also hysterical…apparently i’m all about the laughter this week

admirable resolutions

making this asap : peanut butter banana chocolate chip bread

beautiful watercolor wedding

this wise quote from billy graham : “heaven is full of answers to prayers for which no one ever bothered to ask.”

i love running, but man, i miss crossfit! (and isn’t bob harper the best?)

oh my goodness…this cover of jj heller’s where i land…just amazing

and the weekly tim tebow link…this time a really beautifully shot documentary on

AND now another one…BELIEVE IT! couldn’t be happier for any player not in a packers jersey.

pin of the week:

Pinned Image

pinned here via here

(how much do you wish computer screens could instantly deliver food? OH MY WORD.)


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