good things : packers radio network

[Because I forgot to post this last week In honor of the Packers bye week, here’s a post about one of the BEST good things : football. Namely, the Packers. Enjoy!]

This football season, I went retro.

I listened to every untelevised Packers game on the radio via NFL Mobile (thanks, Verizon!). And let me tell you something: if possible, it inspired me to love the Packers more now than ever before. And it definitely increased my love of the game pretty much exponentially.

People…it’s AMAZING. Listening to the game on the radio opens up a whole new experience. You are literally hanging on the announcers’ every word. Luckily, Wayne and Larry, the announcers on the Packers Radio Network, are the best in the business. Their enthusiasm is unmatched. They tell it like it is without criticism or sugar-coating. They are professional and informative while still being likeable and down-to-earth. It’s like listening to a game with two witty, incredibly knowledgeable friends.

Listening to the game progress, visualizing the plays, and then hearing the reaction from the crowd and announcers after a touchdown or interception…oh my goodness, it’s almost too much. Head-to-toe chills and over-the-top rejoicing ensue (usually while I’m in my kitchen, baking, covered in flour) every single time.

The radio experience was at it’s best this weekend during the season finale against the Lions. Everyone billed this as a “meaningless” game because both the Packers and Lions are already in the playoffs and the Packers chose to rest a good handful of starters. Um, meaningless? Come on, now. All good Packer fans know that anytime you are playing the Lions at Lambeau….it matters. Oh, it matters. What I loved best was the undisguised disdain toward the Lions from (the usually reserved) Wayne and Larry. They wanted the Pack to win this one BAD because the Lions are…well, the Lions.

So imagine the mania that erupted when a) Matt Flynn put up a franchise-best QB performance with 6 TD’s and 480 yards (way to go, stud!), b) the game was won on an interception with 25 seconds left in the 4th quarter (“AND THERE…IS…YOUR…DAGGER!”), and c) the Packers advanced to 15-1, their best record in team history (there are no words for this). This will surprise no one, but listening to all of it made me a little emotional. There were tears.

I just love this team so much.

(Wayne and Larry, I love you guys too. You make me happy to be a Packer fan in a foreign land.)


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