beka stays : 2012 goals

Usually I kick and scream and bemoan my way into the New Year in an anti-change protest. I hate to bid farewell to an entire year. It makes me feel like time is moving too fast.

But this year…I was more than ready to ring in 2012. Peace out, 2011!

It wasn’t a bad year by any means. It was just a bit messy. A little frenzied. Full of employment, not so full of sleep, and overall unremarkable. It’s painful to admit but it’s so true: 2011 was not a banner year. Banner-less, you might say.

So onward and upward! Since 2011 was kind of a dud 2012 was ushered in with a refurbished set of goals. I’m not trying to overachieve my way into 2012 or fail-proof it so that it’s less lame than 2011, but seriously, I needed a kickstart like nobody’s business. So for the rest of the week I’ll be posting about the formulation of the 2012 master plan and sharing the resources I’m using to keep everything organized and on track. Using the phrase “2012 master plan” literally made me laugh out loud because it usually follows that for every human master plan there is an equal and opposite divine master plan, but it’s a starting place. One of the things I prayed about when I set these goals was that I’d wholeheartedly pursue them but not be so attached to them that I’m blind to better things God might in store.

I actually started by making an inspiration board on Pinterest (try to contain your surprise), used that to formulate a 2012 list, and separated that list into big projects, goals, and regular disciplines. I knew that if I kept all of that in one big list it would be overwhelming, so I broke it down into daily, monthly, and yearly lists, which I’ll be sharing later this week! (Along with my therapist’s number, because I’m sounding a little OCD right now.)

Today’s feature: the top ten goals of 2012. One of the things I tried to focus on was making everything realistic and specific, which led me to make some changes to the pages on the blog. If you’re reading this on the actual site you may have noticed that some of the pages have changed. I decided to exchange the healthy, authentic, and committed pages for some new pages that were less ambiguous. It’s hard to achieve things that are general. “Commit to volunteering one day per month” is more likely to succeed than, “be committed.”

With that in mind, here are the Top Ten!

Faithful : Read one chapter a day from the New Testament via Project 345, a really helpful daily reading plan offered online and through the app YouVersion. Also, I used to be in the habit of recording one verse from every day’s reading in a journal. After I got out of that habit I realized how beneficial it was so this year I’m using this fun daily calendar to write down one meaningful verse and one thing I’m grateful for every day.
Relational : Make one meaningful, face-to-face connection with a friend or family member every week. (This is what normal people call being normal, but I tend to veer on the side of hermit so I’m making this a goal for my own good.)
Hungry : Make one new dinner recipe every week from the millions of magazines and billions of blogs I subscribe to. This will encourage me to not eat cereal for dinner every other night be more well-rounded in the kitchen and put many (MANY) saved articles/posts to good use.
Athletic : Run 1,000 miles this year. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that running keeps me sane. There has never been a time when I went for a run and regretted it or felt worse afterward. I always end up feeling energized and happy and healthy. So to make sure that I’m running on a regular basis I’m throwing down this pretty ambitious goal. It breaks down to about 20 miles a week, which is challenging enough to keep me motivated but doable enough to be realistic. I’ll be using Nike+ to keep track of my progress.
Creative : Take one legit picture that I genuinely like every week. This one is really important to me. My enjoyment of personal photography took a nosedive in 2011 and I am not on board with that! I started taking pictures to see God’s beauty on display and don’t want something that I love so much to turn into work. I’ll be using Flickr to keep track of each week’s photo.
Compassionate : Volunteer one day every month. I really, really miss helping people. It was something that was kind of built into my temporary job as an RD and something I haven’t built into my life since that job ended, which is disappointing. But I’m hoping to start volunteering at the Golisano Children’s Hospital later this month! I can’t wait!!!
Intelligent : Read one new book every month. I don’t even want to fess up to this…but I read 7 books in 2011. SEVEN. I can’t even remember the last time I had a single-digit book year. I think my English degree might be retroactively revoked. I hope that I end up reading more than 12 books in 2012, but it’s a reasonable place to start considering how many blogs and magazines I also read. I’ll be keeping track of each month’s reading progress with goodreads.
In Rochester : Visit one new place in Rochester every month. I’m not anticipating having any trouble with this goal. I’m also not anticipating visiting any many places that are not restaurants.
Out of Rochester : Travel outside of the greater Rochester area (and, if at all possible, the state of New York) once every season. Can I tell you where I traveled in 2011? I went to Massachusetts. Twice. OH MY WORD! This pill might be even harder to swallow than the fact that I only read seven books last year. No wonder 2011 was such a bummer! I was so boring! I really believe in the restorative power of getting away every now and then, so I’m looking forward to taking at least four trips this year.
Real : ENJOY LIFE! This is the junk drawer page to remind me that life is full of things that don’t go on lists. I want to value the map and follow the directions, but look out the window and enjoy the ride, too.

So friends, that’s that: my Top Ten for 2012. Stay tuned the rest of this week for more 2012 fun!


12 thoughts on “beka stays : 2012 goals

  1. Wow, this is quite an impressive list and make me feel like a slacker, but at the same time inspires me to think about what I want to accomplish in 2012. Looking forward to some face to face time with you!

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    • Thank you so much, Lindsay!!! That means a lot. Just hopped over to your blog and can’t wait to start following YOU! Always thrilled to find another girl who loves a good game…of anything :) So glad you stopped by!

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