beka stays creative (slash, crazy) : the 25 days of pinning

I tried to avoid it. I forced myself not to think about it. I short-circuited every plan that sprouted up about it.

But I failed. And here’s why:

1 – I almost graduated with a degree in elementary education. Which means I harbor a propensity to make a big deal out of holidays. Glittery crafts and all.

2 – I did graduate with a degree in English. Which means I harbor a propensity to enthusiastically and expressively tell you about how much I love  holidays. I’m not partial, I love them all. But let’s be honest. I probably love Christmas more than almost anything in the world (other than maybe these things).

3 – You may have noticed…but I’m an obsessive compulsive list-maker. Or maybe you just thought I really liked writing with bullet points and numbers.

Due to these factors, I arrived at the conclusion that I am incapable of not doing it.

I have to do something Christmasy on the blog.

Which comes as a big surprise, I’m sure.

You know, I made an honest effort to quell the Christmas themed blog ideas that have been harassing me since Halloween, mostly because I’m attempting to scale back the number of things I try to tackle in a day. And really, what says scaling back more than adding on a new daily series to not one, but two blogs? But whatever. I’m gladly surrendering to the yuletide glow.

So people…we’re doing a Christmas series on this here blog (and…on this here blog), and not just any series…it’s a Pinterest series!!!

That’s right: we’re combining the most wonderful time of the year with the most wonderful website…ever!

Joy to the World.

Every day from now until the 25th, I’ll be posting a new Christmas pin. It might not be quite as creative as last year’s 25 Days of Christmas…but I’m still inordinately pretty excited about it!

To start things off right, here’s today’s pin!

(And for those of you following along in Google Reader, you can’t see it, but I’ve decked the blog halls for the holidays, complete with a new banner and falling snow courtesy of the smarties at WordPress. So you might want to pop over to the actual blog and take a peek!)


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