inspired : 11.29.11

the theme of this week’s list is better late than never! here we go!

first in line – there’s still time to donate to tim tebow’s dollar day in support of a new CURE hospital in the philippines! (and if you donate tomorrow instead of today, i’m pretty sure they’ll still accept your dollar.)

and speaking of…this article from dj gallo about the aforementioned quarterback makes me smile

this card cracks me up. totally doing this with my family someday.

overnight no heat curl. trying it this week…fingers crossed that it works and saves my recently regrettable locks. people, really. i’m starting to look like the swamp thing.

oh my goodness…so beautiful. and so beautiful.

making comparisons. it’s deadly. gets me every time.

wish i had seen this in time to actually play on thanksgiving…so funny.

can’t even tell you how much i love this initiative from kind, encouraging people to do random acts of kindness. great work, kind!

this commercial makes me cry

so did this episode of veggie tales. no, seriously. the ending is what every adult needs to hear!


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