inspired : 11.20.11

this behind the scenes look at a southern weddings photo shoot makes me want to work for southern weddings!

this gingerbread barn building event makes me want to work for southern weddings AND live in north carolina!

but only a little bit…because i’m still head over heels in love with my new BFF rochester. especially now that lush is moving here, too!!!

camping and i are decidedly not BFF’s, but this fun engagement session makes me think that maybe we could be friends (or at least agree that s’mores are the greatest)

oh, perspective. you are so beautiful. thankful for this post, especially for this much-needed reminder: “I’m sick of not being inspired. So many of us are blessed to own these super cool things that put a rectangle around our worlds and then freeze them in time. Oh my gosh!”

it should surprise no one that i’m already working on my 2012 goals. expect a post detailing them soon, probably before 2011 comes to a close. but in the mean time…one of the HUGE ones?…to (somehow) attend a making things happen workshop.

until then, i’ll just stalk the making things happen tumblr

how can you not celebrate what tim tebow is doing? even if you disagree with his faith or his style of play, he is making game-changing things happen on the field while simultaneously making life-changing things happen off the field. you go, timmy.

how can you not celebrate what the packers are doing? even if it makes you break out in cold sweats every sunday? and inordinately apprehensive about thanksgiving?

loving this new (to me) food blog…the sweet potato stuffed baked apples?! oh yes. it’s on.

speaking of food blogs…i’ve also been loving this one and this one and this one

pin of the week:


2 thoughts on “inspired : 11.20.11

  1. I feel blessed to be a part of your super great and cool ‘Inspired’ list this week. Thanks for the link-up. And, I have totally enjoyed perusing the Make It Happen Tumblr (so cool!) and those food blogs (yum!). xoxo

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