inspired : 11.13.11

it’s a long one this time around! here’s this week’s list of wonders:

christmas lights + red velvet cake  = a perfect post

well these sound delectable

how to run a good race (in life, not necessarily on the road)

looks like a great granola bar recipe!

out of the myriad penn state press this week…this was absolutely the one that will stick with me. great perspective.

and speaking of sticking with me…i’m still crying over this story

i want to laminate these and stick them on my wall…GREAT blogging tips from joy the baker

just ordered exposed! can’t wait to read it cover to cover!

you know i’m a sucker for these…goal setting tools!

while we’re in the neighborhood of list making...todoist just might be my favorite thing EVER. literally. i’m this close to saving this topic as a post all it’s own, but i’ll spare you and just tell you that if you want a tool to revolutionize the way you keep paper lists/emails/links/calendars/general to-do items in check, look no further. not only is todoist great as a website, there’s also a stand-alone app for macs AND, my favorite feature, an add-on for firefox! which means i can do this:

find a recipe i want to save and add it directly to my Recipes list…complete with the link to take me right back to the original page! SO much easier than emailing myself 8000 recipes a day.

ok so i half-cheated and snuck a mini blog rant in there…but it’s so worth it! seriously!

pin of the week:


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