beka stays authentic : to err is human

Well friends, this weekend left me feeling highly disgruntled. Which is sad, because there was a whole lot of good that went on, and we’ll get to that soon.

In retrospect, I set myself up for failure. I had a huge and highly unrealistic list of things to do this weekend. On top of that, a bunch of the things that I did do were unsuccessful. To the tune of 3 out of 4 recipe flops. (Really, is there anything more frustrating than finding a recipe you’re excited about, spending time and resources on it, anticipating the result…and then having it be less than great, or just plain awful?) And finally sitting down for long enough to watch a movie….and not liking the movie (Crazy Stupid Love = just crazy stupid. I should have known better.) And going to bed early enough to get NINE hours of sleep…and then waking up wide awake at 5am. (Are you kidding?)

Overachievers Anonymous: talk to me. I find that in situations like the above in which I do not meet my goals I tend to focus on the lack of goal-meeting rather than on any sort of progress that may have resulted from the failure. So instead of celebrating getting 500 pictures edited in one day – a day in which I also did several other time-consuming things – I lament not getting the remaining 300 pictures that are still unedited done. Does anyone else have this problem?

Can I get an amen?! Or just crickets?

Whether I’m a normal productivity freak or just a plain old freak, I wouldn’t trade the ambitious side of my personality for anything. However (and it’s a big however), I don’t want to constantly come up short in my own evaluations, turning a perfectly good weekend into a sub-par pair of days.

All through the morning the quote “To err is human, to forgive is divine,” has been running through my head. For me, to not achieve everything I want to achieve is normal because of the high standards I set for myself. But to give myself a little grace? That would be truly divine.

So in an effort to facilitate some grace and see the gains instead of the losses, here’s what I truly loved about this weekend:

  • Spending quality time with THREE good friends
  • Having real conversations, not just fluffy ones
  • Getting a DIY project done successfully (post coming soon!)
  • Finding at least one good new recipe (post also coming soon!)
  • Getting my car washed (thanks to the many birds who assumed it was their personal restroom)
  • Not getting a parking ticket after forgetting to move my car to the other side of the street (seriously…THANK YOU)
  • Editing a substantial chunk of photos
  • Taking a long walk in the fallen leaves while listening to the Packers game (and cheering uncontrollably in the middle of the street…much to the surprise of the other walkers who were not listening to the Packers game)
  • Using unexpected extra time in the morning to read this week’s Sports Illustrated
  • Figuring out how to watch one game on TV, listen to another on my phone, and track a third online
  • The Packers! Oh, the Packers! For making my heart race unexpectedly in the 4th quarter and pulling out another win to remain undefeated
  • Football in general
  • Sitting outside and reading magazines at one of my favorite places
  • Burning a cinnamon roll candle…it makes the whole apartment smell so wonderful
  • Listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC for the first time this year. It’s early, I know, even for me! but it was a necessary and appreciated mood-booster

So that’s that. Stay tuned for posts resulting from aforementioned successes: a fantastic and cheap DIY project and (another) recipe for the pumpkin lovers among us. It’s a good one!


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