beka stays creative : unconventionally inspired

So this is the spot where a new inspired post would usually live…but due to circumstances that are completely under my control…I’m just choosing not to post a new list today! Mainly, because it’s slim pickings on the inspiration front this week. Not because it was a bad week, because it wasn’t, it was just a tad on the busier side of busy, which left little room for browsing the interwebs. I mean, I’m inordinately inspired by shoo fly pie (for those of you with roots outside of Pennsylvania, definition and recipe here) since my mom made one for me and brought it out during their visit this weekend, but that doesn’t really seem like the beginning of a valid list. Other invalid things I am inspired by: my new desk, which means my laptop has a home that is not the floor and my living room is actually starting to look lived-in; the Packers having a bye week so I can have a game-stress-free Sunday supplemented by lots of other great games (way to go, Buffalo!); outrageously beautiful leaves which I strung together with a needle and thread and hung across my bedroom window; and did I mention shoo fly pie? That too.

That’s all she wrote, folks.

(But I’m sure I’ll also be inspired by CrossFit in the morning since I now have 10 lbs of pie to work off.)


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