the dailies : 10.20.11

daily word: “I love Rochester.” I said it multiple times, in multiple contexts, for multiple reasons. But without a single flinch! It was true every single time. Who knew?!

daily sweat: 75 minute power vinyasa class to start the day off right! Love it.

daily dish: I was pretty much the happiest person on the planet when I came home to one of these at my doorstep:

That right there is an autumn trifle cupcake from Sugar Mountain Bakeshop. Molasses cupcake, pumpkin filling, gingerbread buttercream. It was so heavenly. I tried to get one a few weeks ago to no avail so I considered it a lost cause…until Lauren surprised me with this gem today. A kinder soul cannot be found. (Thank you, Lauren!)
Disclaimer: I did not eat this for dinner. I ate this and brussels sprouts for dinner. That totally equals the scales.
daily mile:

Day 45: autumn has arrived

(I still remember that walk. It was one of the prettiest sights I saw on the trip.)


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