beka stays authentic : fall bucket list

I’m pretty much obsessed with fall. This is true most years but now more than ever…I think I’m making up for lost time since last fall I was off gallivanting in warmer climates. I felt like I missed out on the whole season! So this year, we’re doing it up right. Here’s what I’d like to do this fall:

make caramel apples

make apple toffee blondies

make pumpkin pie cups

make butternut squash curry

try one new fall recipe from each of my subscriptions (a pie is a must! as are muffins!)

go to an orchard and get apples, cider and donuts

decorate the apartment with pumpkins galore

spend Sundays watching back to back to back football

go for walks around the neighborhood looking at houses, with leaves crunching underfoot

eat candy corn

drink lots of hot apple cider and cinnamon apple spice tea

stock up on fall coffee flavors from Leaf & Bean

(finally) get a fall coat/jacket (and a new scarf!)

take a cooking class (I’m on the waiting list for this one, but this one looks great too!)

and…last but certainly not least…

burn the hundreds of fall candles I’ve been stockpiling!


2 thoughts on “beka stays authentic : fall bucket list

  1. Oh my word, I must be really, really tired. What I read was Stock up on coffee flavors from LL Bean and I’m thinking to myself LL Bean sells coffee? I then proceed to click on your link and say to myself “Wow look at that they have a mug from Leaf and Bean in their picture” I think I need to go to bed or perhaps get a pair of glasses.

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