inspired : 9.25.11

Another happy Sunday (but really, aren’t they always happy when the Packers win?), after another very full week! Maybe busy weeks produce extra inspiration, because I really love a bunch all of this week’s items:

SO happy for the Bills, and so glad I got to watch the 4th quarter! love this moment. love photography.

also love: sports writers on twitter. but when it gets to be too crowded, Quickish is great for succinct, witty updates.

balsamic brown sugar vinegrette? heck yes!

could not love these photos more

could not love this commercial more

the epcot international food & wine festival. it’s on the bucket list.

this fall i (finally) want to make homemade granola, and i think this recipe looks like a winner!

these engagement pictures, especially the ones with the string of lights…so beautiful.

i’m making this overnight oatmeal tonight, but just plain so i have a base to add to for breakfasts all week. i’ll let you know how it goes!

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