the dailies : 9.22.11

daily word: Is there a bible verse for “And God blinked, and it was suddenly Sunday”? Because if so, I could use it right now. Work and weddings are the name of the game until Sunday, at which time the name of the game will be church, groceries, and then 12 hours of football. Can’t wait.

daily sweat: 3 mile run this morning, but hoping for something longer next week. I miss the days of long runs!

daily dish: Another day, another lack of documentation. What’s the deal?! The pantry is running a bit low right not, so most of today’s meals were of the “use it up” variety. I.e. salad containing anything about to expire. And bananas on everything because I definitely bought too many this week.

daily mile: Watching the video in this post makes me so happy.

Day 17: (part I) sleeping in seattle


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