beka stays authentic : the perfect day

On Sunday, I had the definition of a perfect day. I…

  • Slept in a little bit. Which, for me, means I was up by 7am and stayed in pajamas until 8am. I know, CRAZY.
  • Watched a little bit of SportsCenter, read a few blogs/books, and  hopped around the internet for a while before getting ready for church.
  • Made three classic Sunday meals that I love – oatmeal with dark chocolate peanut butter for breakfast, scrambled eggs with toast for lunch, flatbread pizza for dinner. A lovely trifecta.
  • Went to church. I love it there.
  • Visited the Brighton Farmer’s Market for the first time ever, a visit that is sure to become a frequent occurrence. It’s the perfect size! There’s a large selection of a variety of items but it’s not so huge that you have to elbow the guy in front of you just to get to the potatoes.
  • Watched the FOX NFL pregame show – my favorite, and a ritual that dates back all the way to high school.
  • Went grocery shopping at the Pittsford Wegmans. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to live a mere 3 miles away from the mecca of all things grocery.
  • Listened to the Packers game on the radio via NFL mobile. As much as I enjoy watching games, I really love listening to them! The level of exhilaration is much greater when you’re visualizing each play and hanging on the announcer’s every word. It literally gives me chills. Love it.
  • Spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen whilst listening to the game – a perfect combo! I made the amazing bittersweet chocolate cookies, these oatmeal peanut butter bars, more pumpkin pie oatmeal, and the aforementioned pizza for dinner.
  • Rode my bike over to a friend’s apartment to deliver a package of above baked goods. It was a beautiful early fall day and it was nice to see a friend after spending a large chunk of quality time covered in powdered sugar/yelling at the radio.
  • Did laundry. Which, for the record, I loathe, but acknowledge it as a necessary evil so getting it out of the way felt good.
  • Watched my favorite evening pregame show, Sunday Night Football on NBC.
  • Spent the rest of the night reading blogs and watching football and editing pictures and falling asleep on the couch.

The only way the day could have been better would have been if a Bruster’s employee showed up on my doorstep with a pint of Graham Central Station. And even then, it still would have been only marginally better than the original. I wasn’t kidding with the intro; it really was the definition of a perfect day!

Community Question: what’s your definition of a perfect day? Chime in below!


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