beka stays healthy : peanut butter pancakes

There are many a weekend morning, most notably those that contain weddings, when I need a breakfast with staying power. Something that is going to stick with me through a full day. Usually I go with my faithful friend Oatmeal in any of it’s beloved variations, but sometimes I like to spice things up a little.

And sometimes that spicing occurs in pancake form.

Glorious pancake form.

These are buckwheat pancakes with blueberries and bananas mixed in. There also may be a hearty layer of Maple Peanut Butter sandwiched in between.

These were way better than expected. Really, I was just looking for a breakfast that would tide me over until dinner. But what I got was a delicious meal sure to grace future breakfast plates for years to come! The blueberries were good, but I really liked the banana/PB combo. I might subtract the berries in favor of extra banana next time.

Also, I happened to be out of maple syrup when I made these, so I just substituted a drizzle of honey. It may have been even better than syrup!

This breakfast is a good one, for sure, but just you wait for pumpkin pie oatmeal. Oh for the love of all that is fall. It’s coming soon!


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