beka stays authentic : opening night of the regular season

If there’s anything that makes me me, it’s that I love football more than anything…or at least as much as I love the other things that I love more than anything, like food blogs and Pinterest and coffee and magazines. And libraries and books. And fall candles. And holidays.

But really, I love football in amounts for which there are no words. The kind of amounts that lead me to rearrange or cancel plans with actual humans in favor of watching a great game. The kind of amounts that give me ulcers, agony, and incomprehensible joy throughout the season…but mostly joy. Literally, thinking about the season opener tonight makes me giggle. And people…I do not giggle with regularity.

While I would celebrate any game that ushered in the regular season, I’m especially giddy about tonight’s game because, as per tradition, the Super Bowl Champions from the previous year get to host the first game of the season. And this year, the Super Bowl Champions are the Green Bay Packers.

And in case you haven’t heard, I love the Green Bay Packers with a love that knows no bounds.

So basically, I’m on Cloud 1,009 right now. I CAN’T WAIT for tonight’s game against the Saints, and every time I see one of these commercials my enthusiasm grows just a little bit more (and, I might add, I think these are my favorite NFL commercials ever…great music choice on both!):

Just so we’re clear on what’s going down tonight, here’s a very well done Preview by NFL Films. Also, I watched the NFL Films documentary on the 2010 Packers last night, and it was amazing. This is coming from an unbiased viewer, of course, but this clip is definitely worth a watch.

And, just because the reign ends tonight, let’s watch this one more time, shall we?

Friends, life is GOOD! Football is BACK! I’m so excited I’m SHOUTING!

But seriously…only 4 more hours left to go!!!



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